Only for Love (2023 Series)


Zheng Shu Yi, a reporter who excels at her job and is determined to land a front-page story, has tried very hard to earn an exclusive interview with top financial executive Shi Yan. Their love story then blossoms due to a mistake. Zheng Shu Yi has written numerous reports through her in-depth research of various industries while Shi Yan is constantly looking for socially responsible start-ups to invest in as he hopes to give back to society as much as he can. Shi Yan finds that Zheng Shu Yi's opinions conveyed through her reports coincide with his own, so he agrees to let her write a series of reports on their company. The two eventually open up new opportunities in their career and also find love.

Type: series
Premiere Date: 2023-11-03
Country:  China
Language: Chinese
Genre: DramaRomance
Cast: Bai Lu as Zheng Shuyi Dylan Wang as Shi Yan Miles Wei as Yu You Shen Yujie as Qin Shiyue Liu Dongqin as Guan Ji Jiang Peiyao as Bi Ruoshan
References:  imdb

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