Without commitment, you will never start.

 Yesterday, I was having a discussion with my friend and she made a statement   "Without commitment, you'll never start, but more importantly,  without consistence, you'll never finished". This statement rang a bell in my brain it sounds so familiar , making me wonder where I first hear this quote.

While siting in my study  to check some of my journal  I realize I came across it in one of my research  about Danzel Washington. I made so many research about his book and films.

I also remember that during one of my training there was controversy about the  author of this quote, some said it's the title of  a book, while some said it's just a quote. Which lead a lot of people into making research on who is the real author of this quote and whether it's a quote or a book.

In 2017 Danzel Washington quoted the above sentence while making  an award acceptance speech. This made me so curious if the real author of the quote/ book is Danzel Washington.

While making personal research, I didn't  came across books that consist of motivational quotes. This make me concluded that Danzel Washington is the real author of the above with the fact that he must have brought it out of his series of books on  motivations, This simply clear my doubt that it's just a quote written and quoted by Danzel Washington  in his speech.

Danzel Washington is an award wining actor, he is also a motivational speaker, who has impacted and still impacting in lives. 

He acted in the following movies; 

The Tragedy of Macbeth
Déjà Vu
The Mighty Quinn
The Hurricane
A Soldier’s Story
American Gangster
Inside Man
Devil in a Blue Dress
Training Day

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