We all need someone

Some days ago I was going through my contact WhatsApp status and I came across this particular video, It brought back different memory. Memory of best friends  who ended up betraying trust, memory of people I once relay on but later let me down. /

Honestly speaking the need for a friend that can understand and   be there for us in the good and bad time can't be over emphasis because this set of people make life more bearable and help us keep going no matter how tough things get.

I know some of us believe in the ministry of holy spirit being the best friend and someone  we should always trust, I'm not disagreeing  with that fact but the truth is there is a place of the spirit and a place where human stay too. That is why they say a tree can not make a forest.

We all need people, people also  needs us. we are all relevant. It's okay to trust someone, if they betray it not our fault and that should not stop us from trusting again.


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