[Gist] Sister's

I can feel a tinny hand 

Embracing me 

This hands have things in common

With Mama's hands

Different from many hands that has carried me.

This hands are tinny and softer

Than Mama's hands

More comforting 

Just like Mama's hands.

I feel that eyes

Looking down at me 

With so much love


And pride

Those eyes look very young

But it feels like Mama's eyes

This is Mama's younger eyes

I thought

Then I saw Mama

Standing beside this stranger.

As I grew up 

I realize this person is no stranger

She has always been by my side

Playing with me

Changing my diaper

Feeding me

Protecting me

Taking me to school

Bringing me back to.

As times goes on 

I discovered she is sister.

Sister make live beautiful

Always there to embrace me 

Always there to protect me

Always there to defend me.

She is like fireworks

That light up my life

When I least expect.

She is like flowers

That add color

To my life

Always there to listen

To every of my boring story.

Making life more beautiful

Teaching me 

Helping with my assignment

Wiping my teary eyes.

Sisters are part of colour

Their existence makes life more colourful.

Few month ago I was looking for a beautiful caption for my big sister's birthday but everything I came across does not seem to tell the words or describe how I feel towards my sister, so I wrote this poem. This make me understand that no one can say our words for us, they might but can't actually say it the way we would have said it, Happy international women's day to all the beautiful women out there.

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