Presents: Sea Urchin Rice Cracker (2007)


 Hazuki, working for stationary manufacturer for a year, dates Satoru, held back at university. Things hasnt been going well between Hazuki and Satoru, and Hazuki starts dating Yasuda whom she met at the matchmaking party. On a Valentines day, Hazuki hands a chocolate to Yasuda which meant that he was her most favorite. In return, Yasuda gave her ear rings on a White day. But after receiving a present from Yasuda, Hazuki realizes something very important. When she opened her post after coming back from a date, there was a present from Satoru 

Name: Presents: Sea Urchin Rice Cracker (2007)

Original name: Presents うに煎餅

Release year: 2007

Status: Completed

Country: Japanese

Genre: Romance


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