Don't let your past hold you back

I have heard people say life is meaningless, hurtful and pointless, some say life is sweet, beautiful and interesting. While some say it is the combination of both good and bad, to teach us lessons and to make us grateful for the good moment. 

But mine seems to be the combination of only the bad.

 many envy my kind of life because my parents were stinky rich and I get everything I want but there is a sorrow inside me that is kept in the secret from the world.

    My name is Folashade, I'm the only child, I have everything I need at the tip of my fingers, I have maids and guard who are always at my service anytime I call. 

    I attend one of the biggest school in the neighborhood, I never for once trek or go hungry but my soul thirst and hunger for the love and attention of my parents.

     My parents are workaholics, they are devoted to their work, they are hardly Available to spend time with me, they believe money, education and food is everything a child need. But I need much more than that.

   They are found of leaving me with my uncle, he cater for me, always playing the role of a mother and father, which makes me trust and love him.

 Something happened a night before my 15th birthday that change my life forever, it break me beyond repair.

    I just finished talking to my parents on the phone, they told me that their plane  is almost landing, after some hours it appears on the TV that there was a plan crash, that was exactly the plane my parents boarded, no one survive the the plane crash. Well it was not painful because I never have a parent in the first place.

   My uncle continued to be the parents he has always been but everything changed one faithful night when he raped me, the trust I have in him was broken into pieces, the only person I thought love and give me attention took away my pride leaving my life in more darkness.

When I gain admission into the university I meant a girl who introduce me to her school fellowship and also happened to be my roomie, she is a very devoted Christian, she became a sister and a friend to me, I told her about my past in which she pray and walk me through my healing processes.  

Today I am healed and free from my past, I talk to teenagers and parent, counselling the victim on how to heal and chase their dream no matter what, counselling the parents not to make the same mistake my parents made. 

Sometime I still feel the pain and wish this things never happened but I never let that experience hold me back in life, I forgave my parent for their unavailability and also my uncle.

My experience make me realized that no matter what we face in life, no matter the challenge, we should not let it hold us back rather we should look for the lessons in it and learn from it. 

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