A Millionaire on the Run (2012) Korean Movie


 A Millionaire on the Run (2012) Korean Movie 

Young In and his colleague Seung Dae are a pair of professional bagmen working for various lobbyists in finance, media and a host of other industries requiring political favors. Feeling guilty about his work, Seung Dae tells Young In he plans on blowing the whistle on his boss Han’s illegal activities. Before he can, however, Seung Dae jumps off a bridge, leaving a suicide note behind. Young In stumbles upon some shady financial records leading directly to Han, who later entrusts Young In with a $5 million delivery. En route, he is carjacked and loses his wallet and watch, and is dumped in the forest. It’s then that Han realizes his business partner Jo is trying to kidnap him and make his death look like Seung Dae’s suicide in order to embezzle the money for himself.

Young In finally finds his way back to the car he was driving and comes across Miri, whom he knows from a charity they both work with. She has her own problems stemming from a one-night stand scam: finds herself with a bag of diamonds that a vicious gang wants back. And now the gang is after both of them.

Movie: A Millionaire on the Run
Genres: Drama
Country: South Korea
Release Date: Jul 19, 2012
Duration: 1 hr. 47 min.
Content Rating: 15+ - Teens 15 or older
Native Title: 5백만불의 사나이
Also Known As: 5-baek-man-bool-eui Sa-na-i




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