Download Best Friends In The World (Complete Season 1)


Episodes Synopsis:

Episode 1 (The New Girl) – When a preppy, popular student feels threatened by the arrival of a new girl, she takes countermeasures- but at what cost?

Episode 2 (Best Friends in the World) – Back from her week-long suspension, Olive and her friends are caught up in new trouble when a transfer student sets out to defame her.

Episode 3 (Stinky Situation) – When the school undergoes routine sanitation, a common misconception sparks a discussion on gender roles.

Episode 4 (Crush) – While Olive deals with her growing feelings for her handsome seatmate, Grace becomes increasingly curious about the new English teacher, leading both to take unexpected action.

Episode 5; After the unexpected visit, Olive, Esther and Adam team up with ex-archenemy, Grace to uncover the mysterious Mr Jack’s secrets.

Episode 1The New GirlDOWNLOAD
Episode 3Stinky SituationDOWNLOAD
Episode 4CrushDOWNLOAD
Episode 5nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 6nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 7nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 8nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 9nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 10Love Is In The AirDOWNLOAD
Episode 11Things Fall ApartDOWNLOAD
Episode 12Where Is Maria?DOWNLOAD
Episode 13nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 14nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 15nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 16nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 17nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 18nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 19nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 20nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 21nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 22nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 23nullDOWNLOAD
Episode 24nullDOWNLOAD

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