[STORY] Vampire diaries (episode 1-23)


Episode 1



Written by Mustapha Idris







Doctor Mike: *addressing the doctors* we all thank you for coming here today. Without further ado, let me state the reason why we called this meeting

All: *murmuring and stopped*

Doctor Mike: after the battle between Nigeria and USA. Our soldiers suffered alot. We even lost so many lives and many were injured badly.

All The Doctors: *murmured and stopped*

Doctor Mike: all that is going to stop right away. I called this meeting so as to inform you all to join our hands together and create an antidote. A vaccine that will empower our soldiers, give them strength and protect them against the invaders.

All the Doctors: YES!!!!!!

Doctor Mike: starting from today, we are going to start creating the antidote here in mohek lab. I see a bright future ahead of us. A future filled with brave soldiers, strong and mighty. Nigeria shall prevail

All the Doctors: YES!! We are in support of you…


Doctor Mike was in his office studying some samples he collected from various animals when two other doctors came inside the office.

Doctor Halima, a young plump and beautiful doctor and Doctor Elvis, a bald headed short doctor. He was the greatest scientist in Nigeria and he was the one leading the project.

They both entered the office and sat down.

Doctor Halima: that was a nice speech you did.

Doctor Elvis: *scratched his bald head and adjusted his eye lens* yes, i am looking forward to start the project you know. Most of those doctors you see there are braniac and geniuses. I am sure we are going to make a great job.

Doctor Mike: yes we are. We suffered alot in the battle you know. Our soldiers were injured badly and at the end of the day, the Americans got the upper hand.

Doctor Halima: awww, what a bloody battle it was.

Doctor Mike: yes and after our project, we are going to show them who is boss.

Doctor Elvis: yes your are right. I can’t wait to see our soldiers grow strong and brave, mighty and courageous, big and wild. They shall be like gods…..

Doctor Mike & Halima: hahahaha.

Doctor Mike: i have to go now you know. The train would be passing anytime soon and i don’t want to miss it.. You know my wife and kid.

Doctor Anita: ok

Doctor Mike: here are the samples. Go through it and do what you know how to do best.

Doctor Elvis: *collecting the samples* no problem. I will go through it..

Doctor Elvis and Halima went to study the samples while Doctor Mike hurriedly went home. He doesn’t want to miss the train. Reason being that cars were not common in Nigeria in 1901

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Episode 2



Doctor entered the train and was bombarded by newspapers journalists.

Journalist: Good day sir. Is it true that the project of empowering our soldiers is being done in mohek lab?

Doctor Mike: yes it is. Our lab posses good and quality equipments that will yield to easier and faster result.

Journalist: when is the project going to be finished?

Doctor Mike: well, we don’t want to make any mistakes so it may take a year or two.

Journalist: and if our soldiers became strong and decided to start using their power for evil, who will save us?

Doctor Mike: well, we haven’t thought of that but nice question. We will start working on a vaccine that will immobilise any of the soldiers that wants to use his powers for evil. Also, we will make sure that the soldiers that are selected are good and diligent soldiers.

Journalist: how is it possible for all the doctors to come and work here in Venis island.

Doctor Mike: good question. Since our island here is far from most villages and cities, they will be staying here till the project is finished.

They kept on asking him questions till he got down from the trian, heaved a sigh of relieve and went home.



Mary: nice speech you did out there.

She said and hugged her husband. She have been listening to the radio since the meeting was taken place.

Doctor Mike: thanks my dear, where is my little prince?

Mary: he is inside his room sleeping. He has been waiting for you since.

Doctor mike: awww, poor boy.

He said as he settled down in his house. Took his bath and ate dinner before going to bed.


1902 October 24

The vaccine was created after one year.

Doctor Mike: *Adressing the whole doctors* we want to thank you sincerely for joining your hands and support in creating the antidote. We labored, suffered, were criticized, insulted and other things by people who were against us for a whole year. But yet, we continued pushing forward. We know what our aims are and so we did not give up and here before all of you is the antidote, the future of Nigeria.

He said holding the antidote high and Alltel doctors were cheering, happy and were jubilating.

Doctor Halima hugged Doctor Elvis as tears were dripping down from her eyes.

Doctor Elvis was all smiles, he has contributed alot and and he is proud of himself.

Doctor Mike: A brave soldier has volunteered himself. The antidote shall be used on him first and there after, more and more will be made. Please lets give a standing ovation to Dreco the bravest of all.

The doctors all clapped as Dreco, a mighty, tall and strong man came forward.

He volunteered Himself when some were afraid because knew this was his destiny, to be made strong above all others.


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Episode 3



1902 October 30th

Dreco was placed inside a glass tube filled with mercury, hydrogen perioxide, gamma particles and other gases.

He couldn’t breath and neither could he struggle because his hands were both tied strongly to the glass tubes.

Doctor Mike: engage transformation of enzymes and cells!!

He commanded.

Doctor Halima and Doctor Elvis were the one operating the computer and did as was commanded by doctor Mike.

Dreco looked through the glass and saw doctor mike giving orders. He looked at the direction of his eyes and saw doctor Halima and Elvis busy operating the computers.

From the side of the glass tube, about ten long injections filled with purple liquid came out.

Five of the injections were targeted from his head to his waist while the other five pierced into his body from the waist to his legs.

His heart beat increased and the flow of blood in his body gradually increased.

The purple liquid in the injection was making him feel dizzy but he fought to be awake.

Immediately the injection came down, the liquid in the glass tube started to reduce gradually.

Dreco: haaaaaaaaa

he gasped as much air as he could. The purple liquid was doing justice to his body.

When he thought it was over, doctor mike shouted

Doctor Mike: engage transformation of tissues.

Doctor Halima and Elvis did as doctor Mike commanded and the glass tube was filled with gas, gamma gas so dangerous it could cause loss of memory.

Doctor Mike: *looking at his watch, Dreco should only inhale the gamma gas for only ten minutes* that is enough

He shouted.

Doctor Halima pressed the blue button on her keypad but the flow of gas wouldn’t stop.

Doctor Mike: i said that is enough!

At this point in time, doctor Elvis tried to stop the gas but he couldn’t, the computer back then was not reliable, it could break down out at any minute.

Doctor Elvis: the computer is over heated!

Doctor mike quickly rushed over there and tried his best to stop the flow of gas but couldn’t.

Doctor Mike: abort project!! Destroy the glass tube immediately!!

He shouted and the soldiers nearby broke the glass tube.

Dreco fell down unconcouius. His body was pale white as salt and he wasn’t breathing.

He was rushed into the emergency ward and the doctors they did they best to revive him.

Doctor Mike sat down in tears. He was advised by Doctor Halima to check on the computers but he turned a deaf ear because he was eager to carry out the project.

Now, he has killed a fellow man he cried.

Doctor Mike: its all my fault

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Episode 4



Doctor mike sat down crying.

Doctor Mike: i have killed someone!

Were the only words that were coming out of his mouth.

An Hour later.

Doctor Halima came into the office of her boss with her usuall charming smile.

Doctor Mike: i have killed someone…

Doctor Halima: no you haven’t!

He looked up and saw the black beauty in lab coat smiling at him.

Doctor Mike: is is is he…

Doctor Halima: yes he is awake!

Doctor Mike: haaa thank you lord, thank you lord!!!!!!

Doctor Halima: but sir there is a problem!

Doctor Mike: and what is it?

Doctor Halima: he doesn’t have blood in his body, all his blood is dried up…

Doctor Mike: what didn’t you just say he is alive?

Doctor Halima: yes sir and we are trying our best to tackle the situation. His body is without blood and he is looking pale white.

Doctor Mike: ok, donate blood to him from our blood bank.

Doctor Halima: we did that sir. We have donated up to four gallons but none of them could last up to ten minutes. Immediately the blood entered inside his body, his organs would be alive and soon enough, the blood will dry off. His system is feeding on blood.

Doctor Mike: but does he have any strength to stand up?

Doctor Halima: no sir, he can’t even move his hand. There is no strength at all in his body. His body is alive only to blood.

Doctor mike: ok you can go now.

He said and she went away.

He looked down and a tear escaped his eye. What has he created?

Something that can’t move?

Something that is pale white?

Something that has no blood?

What would he tell the doctors?

That he has wasted all they laboured for.

He even know that God would not forgive him because he just reformed His creation.

He stood up and closed the files that were opened. Then he put them inside a drawal and closed it..

He came out of his office and also locked it.. Its time for him to go home to his wife and kid. Maybe they would forgive him and reason with him, he thought.

As he was walking through the lab, he saw some men carrying blood rushing down the ward that dreco was kept.

He turned and followed them. As he entered inside the office, he gasped in surprise. Dreco was as white as snow.

They poured the blood into a pipe that was connected to Dreco’s body and the blood entered inside his body.

Doctor Mike was surprised again as he saw something marvelous. When the blood entered his body, his colour changed from pure white like snow to off white.

His (Dreco) heartbeat was faster than normal and his veins could be seen outside his body.

Doctor Mike: what have i done?

He stood there still watching when the body started to turn to pure white again.

Doctor-in-charge: More Blood!!!!!!

He shouted

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Episode 5



Doctor-in-charge: More blood!!!!!!

Doctor Mike just stood up and left. He got to his train station just in time and entered inside.

As usuall, he was bombarded with questions from the journalists but he answered none. His mind was far from normal.

The train came to a stop and he alighted from it, looked around him, everywhere was dark. The cold breeze blew his face making him to shiver as he started walking home.

*knock* *knock*

prince: *from inside the room* Mummy!! Mummy daddy is back!

Mum: *from inside the room* hey keep quiet, it might be a neighbour or somebody else. Let me go and check.

She said and the door was opened. Prince ran and gave his father a tight hug. Doctor Mike smiled and raised his child while hugging his wife. Yes, his family is his greatest treasure in this life.



Mohek Lab

Doctor Elvis: *looking at Dreco* impossible, how can a creature use blood at this rate.

Doctor Halima: you do know that since he is requiring more blood and the old one is being used up, his life on will be long.

Doctor Elvis: like a hundred years or two?

Doctor Halima: like forever but i don’t know where he is going to get more blood. It seems as if it feeds only on blood and our blood bank is getting low…

Doctor Elvis: lets close for today. We have really worked out our butt you know.

Doctor Halima: *just nodded*

Truly, they were the last persons in the hospital except for the watchman. They locked up their offices and went out.

Doctor Halima: please make sure you look after Dreco.

Watchman: yes ma

Doctor Elvis: don’t hesitate to call us incase something wrong happened.

Watchman: yes sir




5 Hours later

Dreco: arghhhhh, arghhhhh, ahhh

he groaned as his body was turning white again, snow white. He needed blood and he needed it badly.

He stood up weakly, very weakly and as he was about to take a step, he fell down on something and made a loud sound.

Watchman: who is inside?

He said as he quickly took his torch and entered inside the hospital. He was approaching dreco’s ward with his powerful torch light beaming the whole place.

Dreco looked up and saw light. It irritated him alot. He felt some how allergic to light. As the watchman was about to enter inside the ward, he felt a great rush of Adrenaline following through his body.

He stood up and


He passed by the watchman with great speed. The same speed as air or even light.

The watchman felt air moved strongly against his body but didn’t mind because he saw nothing. He went inside and saw the bed empty.

Dreco couldn’t control his super speed and he was still weak, he crashed into a pile of iron at it made a loud noise.

The watchman knew for sure something was wrong and he ran towards the sound of the noise. As he was about to flash his torch on dreco


Dreco went and stood at his back. The watchman felt the same air and began to tremble.

Watchman: show yourself!!

He shouted.

Dreco: behind you

Before the watchman could turn,


Dreco used his super speed and went to his back again. He smiled, this is more fun and he loved it..

Watchman: please don’t kill me whatever you are please!

The watchman begged. Dreco touched him and immediately he turned


He bit the watchman so hard on the neck. He started eating the watchman’s flesh and the same time drinking his blood.

Then his strength was gradually coming. He felt so strong but believed that with time, he will be stronger.

He stood up with blood all over hiss body.

Dreco: so sweet, so delicious and nice.. I need more of this..




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Episode 6



Doctor mike entered his lab and was confused. There was a large crowd in the lab. The chief of police Ayuba was their with his men.

He saw doctor Halima in one corner crying and doctor Elvis looking moody.

He quickly approached them and asked.

Doctor Mike: what is the problem?

Doctor Halima: the watchman on duty was killed yesterday and dreco was found missing!

Doctor mike: what!!

He screamed, he found his way to the middle of the crowd and what he saw was horrible.

Doctor Mike: *bent down and observed closely* strange, very strange!!

The chief of police came and stood by him

COP: in my whole years of working as a cop, i haven’t seen anything like this!

Doctor Mike: yes sir!

COP: so what do you think?

Doctor Mike: this watchman is not murdered with any type of weapon!

COP: yes??

Doctor Mike: his face is somehow eaten. Some part of his body is missing. It seems as if something big like a dog or a wolf came and did this to me.. Observe here for example, you can see the mark of the long sharp fangs. Here, here, here and here. Four long teeth or super long sharp fangs.

He said. Apart from being the head of mohek lab, he is also the head of the forensic department and the best when it comes to studying human bodies.

Chief of police (COP) was baffled, he was surprised and scared as how the Nigerians citizens will take the news.

COP: hmmm, so what we have here is a wild dog?

Doctor Mike: that is our only explanation for now. Its either a wild dog, lion, tiger or hyena is loose in the city and you know what will happen if the animal is not caught and put behind cage!

COP: yes i know. I will send some of my men to go and search everywhere in the island for these wild animal, while others will go and check on all the zoo we have here. I am positive we are going to come out with something.

Doctor Mike: thats nice.

COP: and now, what happened to Dreco who should be in his ward.

Doctor Mike: hmm, whatever gets into this place must be surely responsible for his abduction.

COP: thats what i am thinking too. Don’t worry. My men is still searching everywhere for any clues.

Doctor Mike: *zipping the dead body in a bag and his junior colleagues took it to the forensic department* ok, i will get back to you if i discover anything new.

COP: and Mike

Doctor Mike: yes sir

COP: they will not be work for you guys today. Tell the other doctors to go home.

Doctor Mike: yes sir!!






Dreco stood up, his body turning pale white. He was inside his house since morning. Anytime he tried to go out, the sun will burn him. But the injury wouldn’t take long to heal.

He also saw that his appetite for food was gone. Anytime he comes with contact with food, it irritates him. He also couldn’t come close to salt and the smell of garlic drives him crazy.

On the bright side, he was very strong. His strength has come to the fullest. Nothing was to big for him to lift. He became so fast and gravity doesn’t have effect on him because he climbs his wall and sit upside down on his ceiling.

He came out of his house. It was full moon and he loved it.. He wish it will just be only night each day… He wish he could kill the sun.

He looked at the lonely road. He smiled as he couldn’t wait to use his super speed to get another meal.

Dreco: time to hunt.


he ran with the speed of light leaving a trail of dust behind.

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Episode 7



Paul: bring the money lets share it?

Abel: wait oo, i hope you know that most of the job here is being done by me??

Paul: meaning?

Abel: i was the one that brought this deal you know.

Paul: stop that rubbish, we both broke into their house and stole this money so we are going to share it 50-50

Abel: i am the leader of this..

Paul: leader of what? Leader of what?

The two robbers stood up and were arguing really hard. They just succeeded in robbing a house close by in the middle of night. They went to a lonely place and decided to share the money!


Paul: what is that?

Abel: you ask me? It just a strong wind, never knew you could be as scared as this. Thats why i am telling you that i am the leader of this


Paul: i have a bad feeling about this lets go please.

Abel: it not a ghost.. Chill bro.

He said and was about to pick the money when he heard the same sound again but this time it was different, he felt something move by him very very fast.

He looked up and shouted, Paul head was cut off and was rolling on the ground. Blood was gushing out of his neck.

Abel: *scared* this must be a demon, this must be a demon!

He said bent down and picked the stolen money, then he started to run.

Dreco smiled, he came by and started drinking blood from Paul. He drank the blood till he was satisfied.

He stood up, his sharp fangs glaring. His body assimilating the blood he just drank. His powers and abilities upgrading to the fullest.

Dreco: haaaa, there is nothing as sweet as human blood. Its so pure, refreshing and powerful.

He said and used looked everywhere. He sighted Abel running very far away from him. Abel has gone far but yet he could still see him in the middle of the night.


Abel stopped as he heard the same sound and wind rushed passed him.

Abel: who are you. Please don’t kill me..

He said but Dreco smiled and kept running round him with a great speed as if he wanted to create a tornado.

Abel didn’t know what was happening. Here he was in the middle of something running round him with a great speed creating a strong wind. He never believed in ghost but now he just did.

Abel: you can have the money please don’t kill me..

Dreco smiled and stopped running so that Abel could see the demon he was bargaining with

Abel didn’t believe his eyes, a man come out from the wind and was approaching him. Maybe he is a demon because his skin looks white, has long sharp fangs and his eyes were yellow, pure yellow.

He got close to Abel who was too terrified to move. Place his right hand on his head and the left on his neck. Then with strength, he removed the head, sat down and started eating it.. When he was done with the head, he removed the heart and liver and ate, then he stood up…

Dreco: enough meal for today, time to go before the sun comes up.



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Episode 8



Doctor mike stood up from his bed, he yawned and stretched his body.

Then he walked to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and took his bath. His wife Mary has gone to work and his little son prince has gone to school.

After taking his breakfasts, he went to his office where he saw two policemen waiting for him.

Doctor mike: have you found dreco or have you capture the animal that is behind the death of the watchman?

He asked

police 1: none of the above sir?

Police 2: infact, two bodies were seen dead inside the island today. The Chief of police sent us to bring you to the crime scene.

Doctor Mike: whatt!!!! Lets go..

He said and together, they moved to the crime scene.


Chief of police (COP): goodmorning doctor, you can see what we have here today!

He said pointing towards the body

COP: the first body was killed here while the other body was killed some kilometres away. My men did some investigation and found out that they were robbers. The mark and injuries on the body looks familiar to that of the watchman’s but i decided to call you so that you could do the examining yourself.

Doctor Mike: good a thing i brought all my kits and instruments i need.

He said and bent down.

Doctor mike: what about the investigation about the Zoo.

COP: my men went to all nearby zoo but no animal was found missing.

Doctor Mike: hmmmm

30 minutes later

Doctor mike stood up looking exhausted and tired.

Doctor Mike: hmmm, well these two bodies were killed by the same creature that killed the watchman and took dreco away. The time interval between two death was very close which means that when this one was killed here, the other one was also killed there. The creature that killed these two men must have been very fast to do so.

COP: hmmm anything else

Doctor Mike: yes, the creature killing these people is after blood, i think it feeds on blood only but i can’t figure out why this other human parts missing.

COP: exactly correct, my men found this a few meters away inside the garbage bag.

He said and commanded three police officers which came with a bag and poured the content of the bag on the floor.

Doctor Mike: blood of God!!

He gasped. The leather contains heart, liver and other vital part in the human body.

Doctor Mike: i will get these organs tested to see if they belong to these dead bodies. Also, i need you guys to carry these two bodies to my lab. I want to run a blood test on them.

COP: no problem, you two *he pointed to two men* take this body to his lab and also stay with him day and night. Your duty is to guard him.

He said and they obeyed his command. Doctor Mike followed the two police and they went to his labs.

Department of police

The Chief of police was addressing his men.

Chief of police: the killing on this island is too much and the citizens are complaining saying we are not doing our job. From now on, you all shall work day and especially night. Arrest anybody you think he or she is suspicious and don’t hesitate to shoot. Also, we will continue to look for dreco and the person or creature who is responsible for his abduction shall suffer the wrath of the law but for now, the safety of our citizens is what matter most to us. Find that demonic creature or killer and killed it..

Policemen: yes sir!!!!!!

They shouted



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Episode 9



Dreco stood up. He missed alot of things like eating, Dancing, going to church, eating and everything human.

He also like his new state, being powerful and faster than ever.

Dreco: hahahaha, i am a god. No one can kill me, noone!!

He said and got out of his house. Not his real house, his real house is located in the middle of the island and if he goes there, the police might search the house and expose him to sun.

The house he lives in now belongs to an old woman who was his mother’s friend but was late. The hut look so old and it is located in the outskirts of the island so noone normally goes there.

Dreco: haaa, the nice feeling of fool moon!!

He said as he was walking on the street. He doesn’t want to use his super speed. He was looking at the empty road and he laughed. Fear has made everyone to stay indoors.

Just then a police on patrol spotted a moving figure..

Police: who is there!!

He shouted but before he could point his torch


he felt a strong wind blew pass him.

Police 2: did you see anything?

Police 3: yea did you?

Police: i thought i saw something.

Police 4: well its just the strong wind that is messing around.

Police: maybe.

Dreco smiled, he was miles away from them but yet he could hear them perfectly well.

He stopped walking and looked into a well furnished room. A young girl came out of the room to pick something.Her name was Maria his girlfriend.

Maria picked up her cloth from the rope that she washed in the afternoon. She look around her, everywhere was silent and quiet. There was nobody on the street because of fear of being killed by the unknown.

She felt a strong wind blew against her and she quickly entered her house, bolted the door and turn around..

Maria: *gasped* Dreco!!!!!!

Dreco: hi darling.

Maria: where have you been and how did you enter inside my house, why is your body turning pale white.

She asked

Dreco: one at a time, sweetie. I am now a god!

Maria: hahahaha, you are….


he went to her back

Maria: *turned back* how, how, how did you do that?

Dreco: *smiled* you wanna move as fast an me right?

Maria: *nodded*

Dreco: *smiled* close your eyes

he said and she closed her eyes. Then he came close to her, hold her neck and bit her.

Maria: *gasped* aaaah

she moaned as she felt his sharp teeth piercing deep into her soft skin. He started sucking her blood and at the same time, depositing his venom inside her.

Maria couldn’t stay awake as her vision were getting blurring and her head spinning, she slowly pass out.





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Episode 10





Doctor Mike walked into the office of the chief of police with some test results in his hands.

Doctor Mike: goodmorning sir!!

COP: goodmorning Mike, how’s your day.

Doctor Mike: cool, well I’d found something new as i ran series of tests on the blood samples of the victims.

COP: very nice, can i hear them?

Doctor Mike: yes, i found particles of gamma gas hidden in their blood.

COP: so?

Doctor Mike: the creature feeding on them must have series of gamma gas in its system before depositing it in its prey. Also the gamma gas was inactive because the victims were dead.

COP: so you are saying that the creature behind this brutal killing has gases in its system?

Doctor Mike: yes sir!

COP: and the gamma gas are inactive because the victims are dead, supposing the victims were alive the gases would have made some changes in them?

Doctor Mike: exactly correct, the gas would have transformed their tissues, enzymes, cells and even their system.

COP: so the question is, what creature on earth is able to do so.

Doctor Mike: scientific research proof that no creature on earth can do such thing except the killing is from…

COP: from who?

Doctor Mike: Dreco!

COP: absolute nonsense, Dreco was left in a stage close to death. He couldn’t move, talk or walk. His body was pale white and there is always blood loss in his system.

Doctor Mike: that’s what made him a suspect, an organism with no blood will always seek for blood no matter the situation involved.

COP: hmmm, but what of the part of his weakness, these is just a mere accusation. remember the last death case, you said the creature that killed the two men was so fast to kill them both at that little time.

Doctor Mike: yes remember that our project was to make our soldiers grow stronger and faster.

COP: hmmm

Doctor Mike: what if he archived his strength and speed and is using it to feed on innocent citizen.

COP: impossible

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Episode 11



COP: impossible, have you developed fever over this case?

Doctor Mike: no sir but its just a theory, if there is no creature or somebody that abducted dreco then it could be that he is….

COP: enough!! Follow me lets go to dreco’s house. At least, there you would see that you are very wrong.

He said and doctor mike stood up along with three other policemen, they went to dreco’s house.


Doctor mike, the chief of police with his men entered inside the house after breaking the door.

COP: look around for anything that would be useful to us.

Policemen: yes sir!!!!!!

They said and saluted.

Doctor Mike: hmm, sorry sir. Well i am wrong. From the dust and structure of this house, it can be said that this house has been untouched since the owner left. Maybe dreco has been taken out of this island by the people who abducted him.

COP: now that’s a nice explanation, since he is out of this island, an unknown creature is behind this massive killing.

Doctor Mike: it seems so sir.

COP: boys did you find anything?

Policemen: no sir!!

They shouted.


Maria: *gasped* what is happening to me.

Dreco: your body is getting use to the change. Cool down and drink this.

He handed her a glass of blood.

Maria: whats inside that cup.

Dreco: blood.

Maria: no i can’t take blood for crying out loud. What do you take me for? So you expected me to drink someone’s blood.

She shouted still lying down.

Dreco: believe me, you need it..

Maria: where am i?

Dreco: at the outskirt of the island where no one can see us.

Maria: where no one can see us, What do you mean by that?

Dreco: you can’t be exposed to sunlight you know, its dangerous to our skin.

Maria: haa dreco, why did you do this to me. I am very weak, i think i am about to, to, to,

Dreco took a drop of blood from the glass cup and placed in her mouth,

Maria: so sweet!!

She grabbed the whole cup and drank the content inside.

Maria: please dreco, i need more of this human blood please!!

Dreco smiled and brought out a gallon of fresher blood, she open the gallon and before minutes, the whole content of blood inside was gulped.

Maria: hmmm, so sweet and nice. Never knew the human blood can taste as sweet as this.

She said standing up.

Dreco: hey, hey, hey, you need to rest. Lemme go and get more fresh blood for you…

Maria: no we go together.

Dreco: i insist, lie down, you are still weak.

Maria smiled and went out. She looked up and smiled. The moon was very pleasant to her skin. Just like dreco, her skin too is pale white.

Dreco: you are not strong enough to hunt.

He said to her as he came out.

She just smiled, moved close to were a big pillar was build, and with one swift kick, she broke the pillar into two.

Dreco: haaaaa did, did, did..

Maria: lets just go and hunt.

Dreco: but you are not fast enough.

Maria: then catch me if you can..


Dreco: wooow, now that’s the true definition of fast. Time to eat.



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Episode 12



Maria loved the way she was moving. she was fast as the wind. she looked back and saw dreco coming behind her.

Maria: are you this slow!

she asked dreco with a smile on her face.

Dreco: play time is over.

He said and zoomed passed her.

He later stopped in front of her.

Maria: is that how to treat a lady?

she asked and cane close to dreco. holding his head, she kissed him sucking his lower lips.

Dreco: *breaking the kiss* what are we gonna feed on?

Maria: follow me.

she said and zoomed away.

she stopped at a check point with six policemen guiding the place with their guns.

Maria: dinner is served.

she said from a dark spot.

Maria: am gonna feed on four of the men while you feed on two.

Dreco: what!!! your appetite is huge.

Maria: are you in or not.

Dreco: in..

Maria: here is the plan. you will create a wind with your speed that will raise dust so that I can attack them unidentified.

Dreco: that’s why I love you. always had bright ideas.

police 1: damn, no body is here.

Police 3: I might call it a day.

police 6: no, we stay here all night.

just then, Dreco started running round and round the six policemen.

Police 5: hmmm, strange wind. hold your guns and stay alert.

soon enough, he created a thick dust with the six policemen blinded in the middle of it.


Maria went in and brought a police taking him to a nearby Bush undetected.

police: *terrified* who,who, who are you?

he asked very terrified.

Maria smiled, her eyes were turning black, very black scaring the policeman.

Maria: your worst nightmare.

she said and and bit the policeman with her long sharp fangs.

she sucked all the blood in his body till the policeman fell down and died.

Maria: so sweet


She continued taking the policemen one by one undetected till only two were left.

Then Dreco stop running and the dust he created died down.

the policemen look around them and saw that there were only two left. then a man came out of the wind and stood before them.

police 1: don’t move!

police 2: you are under arrest. if you move, we shoot.

Dreco smiled and started coming close to them. terrified, they were busy shooting him but he was still coming close.

Then Maria came from behind and in nothing less than 3 seconds, she broke their neck.

Dreco got closed and was now having his fill of blood.

Maria: why didn’t you Dodge the bullets?

she asked but got no reply.

Dreco was still drinking the blood, she looked closely and found out that his wounds were healing rapidly.

Dreco: Time to go.

he said and stood up, blood was all over his mouth.


Maria: so cool


she followed him.

Abel: haaaaa, impossible.

he said and hid himself inside a garbage bag, he was too terrified to come out.





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Episode 13





A young officer entered inside the office of the chief of police.

Police: *saluted* morning sir!!!

COP: Morning, any good news so far.

Police: no sir, in fact six of our men where found dead in a spot.

COP: what? Where? How? Take me their..

He shouted and they both went to the crime scene.


COP: Detective, what is the meaning of this, why is the killer not caught yet?

Detective: sir we are doing your best. I have sent so men to go fetch doctor Mike but in the meantime, we have something that might be of interest to you…

COP: and what is that..

Detective: we questioned some people over here and many did confess they heard gunshot over night. however a little boy admits that he witnessed everything loud and clear.

COP: so did he say who the killer is?

Detective: no, he is still under shock. The young boy couldn’t utter a word but was just shivering.

COP: take him to the station, for all we know, he might be a suspect.

20 Minutes later, Doctor mike, Doctor halima and Doctor Elvis arrived at the crime scene.

COP: goodmorning to you all.

Doctors: goodmorning sir.

Doctor Halima: sir, the news is allover the island now

Doctor Elvis: and most citizens are migrating to other states.

COP: you won’t blame them, a demon is lose here and we have not had any lead in catching it..

Doctor Mike: where are the bodies?

COP: over there

he pointed.

Three doctors got to where the bodies were kept and started doing their work.

25 Minutes later.

They both stood up.

COP: soo?

Doctor Mike: it appears that the creature have a partner with it now.

Doctor Elvis: judging from the injuries and bite from the fangs, we found another set of fangs that does not belong to the old killer and this was on four of the dead bodies while the bite on the other two was inflicted by the old killer.

COP: so we now have another human eating creature which huge appetite?

Doctor Mike: as if that is not enough, the neck of those two were twisted before bitten.

COP: did you just say twisted?

Doctor Mike: erm yes sir.

COP: *shouted* that means our killer might be a human.

Doctor Halima: exactly sir, I’d run some fingerprints test in my lab on all the bodies.

COP: that’s nice..

He said and commanded two of his men to covey the dead bodies to Mohek lab first for the doctors to do more work.

When they left, he and his men searched everywhere but got no clues, they went to every house to ask questions but were taken by surprise when they found out that most people were packing their loads in other to migrate.


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Episode 14




COP: This is not good, what is happening?

Detective: hmmm, i am speechless.

COP: if people continue to leave this island like this, then the island will be empty in a month time.

Detective: yes sir you are right? Well, i am sending my wife and my kids to another state, there they shall be safe.

COP: yes you are right, am gonna do such to….

Police walked in and saluted the chief of Police.

Police: sir, the witness is ready to speak.

COP: Thats nice, lets go and hear what he have for us.

Detective: yes!!


Abel was sitted in a chair, in front of him was a table and the other chair at the opposite end was occupied by the detective. The chief of police stood with two men at the back of the detective.

Detective: so, please speak up. You might give us a clue in catching this reckless demon.

Abel: last night, i went to the garbage bin to pick something when…

Detective: wait, what did you went to pick?

Abel: a book i mistakenly threw inside the garbage bin earlier in the afternoon. In the book contained the assignment i would be submitting on Monday.

COP: very good go on.

Abel: then i looked at my far left and saw six policemen who were jisting. I instantly felt relieve. All of a sudden, a strong wind began to blow encircling the policemen. What got me surprised was when something very fast moved inside, and then move out, i didn’t see what the super speed thing went to carry..

Detective: this is a waste of time, just pack your things and go home. Maybe malaria or something is over you but just go home and rest.

COP: cool down detective, lets hear the kid first. Go on.

Abel: i was marvelled and stood to watch. Suddenly, the wind died down and a men came out from it, his body was somehow white but i wasn’t sure. Another thing that marvelled me was that i saw only two men instead of six. He started coming close to the two policemen and they were shooting him but bullets were not harming him.

COP: hmmm.

Abel: as he was coming close, a girl appeared from nowhere and twisted the neck of the remaining policemen killing them in the process. Then the man walked to them and sucked their, their..

COP: is enough, detective!

Detective: Sir!!

COP: let the boy go home, he needs some rest.


The detective walked in and saluted.

Detective: *taking a seat* sir did you believe in the little boy’s story?

COP: no but that is the only valid explanation to everything.

Detective: so who is the man?

COP: i might suspect Dreco.

Detective: hmm, come to think of it, doctor Mike said Dreco is the only creature with different chemical gas in him and that same chemical gas is found inactive in all the dead victims system.

COP: but that same dreco couldn’t move and inch.

Detective: hmmm, really confusing.

Just then a police entered.

Police: *saluted* the doctors from mohek lab are here to see you sir!!


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Episode 15




COP: you said who is looking for me?

Police: *saluted* Doctor mike from mohek lab sir!!

COP: Why are you still waiting, bring him in.

Police: yes sir.

He saluted and marched out.

Doctor mike walked in with some files in his hands. He wore his lab coat and had a frown across his handsome face.

Doctor Mike: good day sir, good day detective.

Detective: welcome doctor Mike.

COP: You are welcome doctor mike. What shall i offer you…

Doctor mike: nothing sir.

COP: ok, you can have a seat. Have you discovered anything new?

Doctor Mike: yes sir, i am afraid we have discovered the killer.

COP: hmm, that’s the best news have heard in the last two weeks. Please go on.

Doctor Mike: Doctor Halima and Elvis have conducted the fingerprint test and guess whose fingerprint we found out?

Detective; who?

Doctor Mike: the first was the exact match of Dreco’s while the other belong to a young girl whose name is Maria. We did some underground check up and found out that she was and still is his girlfriend.

COP: oh my God, that means the young boy was right afterall.

Doctor Mike: which boy?

Detective: the young boy we found inside the garbage bin this morning. He confirmed he saw a man and a woman last night.

Doctor Mike: no doubt the people he saw was dreco and Maria. This are the files that confirms the fingerprint test. I need to go home and get my wife and kids to safety. Please you guys should hunt down dreco and Maria because the island is no longer safe.

He said, stood up dropped the files and left.

Detective: we need to hunt down those two.

COP: yes i know but the safety of the citizens is what matter most. Get me journalist Yazid. He will publish this news about Dreco and Maria in the newspaper. Hopefully, the citizens would be prepared and vacate this island.

Detective: yes sir!

COP: also send this message across to the Army, navy, airforce and other military unit. We need their help.

Detective: yes sir!!!!!!



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Episode 16



Journalist Yazid walked into the office of the chief of police.

Yazid: good morning sir. You sent for me.

COP: yes i did. Take your sit.

Yazid: thank you sir.

He said sitting down.

COP: good, the we have found the killer and i am giving you the contract to publish it in all the newspaper. You will pass a vital message across to everyone telling them to leave this island at once.

Yazid was damn happy. He knew for sure he will make alot of money as the first journalists to bring the killer to public.

He knew the numerous awards to be won, he new that his fellow colleagues would be jealous, he knew his life was about to take a turn.

Yazid: who is the killer?

He asked curiously.

COP: Dreco and his girlfriend Maria. Take this, they are all the evidence you need.

The chief of police said giving him duplicates of all the files they had on the case including the test results.

Yazid looked at the test results and smiled.

Yazid: a day is all i need and everyone but the little infants in Venis island will hear the news sir!!

COP: very good, i want everyone to be at alert. You can go now.

Yazid: thank you sir!



Country: Nigeria

Location: LYNN city

Date: 1902 Nov 12

I walked out of our teachers office with a smile across my face. I scored A in all subjects.

Behind our hostel, i saw two of my friends Samuel and tobi gossiping. I laughed, do boys gossip?

Samuel: God forbid, i will never step foot on venis island.

Me: why?

Tobi: haven’t you heard?

Me: *pretending* no tell me..

Tobi: about a mysterious creature killing people.

Me: hahaha, that’s the problem with Nigerians. We do believe any useless story that comes our way.

Samuel: no, that’s the problem with you Idris, you do take things for granted.

Me: all what you heard is a lie, there is nothing killing people, it just a rumor and nothing else.

Samuel: Idris, Idris, Idris, how many times..

Me: *interrupted* abeg forget this your useless story. Lets go to the hostel, by the way have you guys seen your result?

Samuel n tobi: no

Me: then continue gossiping hear me..

I said and walked away, Nigerians and story.



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Episode 17



I walked into our hostel, damn the whole boys where just talking about this mysterious killer and i was vexed. Won’t somebody rest again?

I for sure knows that there is nothing killing people on the island. Maybe its the handiwork of some ritualist or a wild animal let loose but i must find out things for myself.

I picked my pen and tore a sheet of paper.




I walked out from the our school to a nearby post office, bought few stamps and my mail was received.


Venis island

1902 Nov 4th

Mohek labs

Doctor Mike was seated in his office. In his front was a table with various files on it. Doctor Halima and Elvis were sitting with him and they were both engrossed in their discussion.

Doctor Halima: all the effort of the military unit is going to be a waste.

Doctor mike: why did you say so?

Doctor Elvis: because the demon we created can’t be killed easily by any human force. Infact, in other to kill it, another demon must be created.

Doctor Halima: are you suggesting that we create another demon to fight dreco.

Doctor Elvis: yes.

Doctor Mike: impossible. Creating dreco was a great mistake. One that will never repeat itself again.

Doctor Elvis: yes but if we don’t create another demon, how can we stop dreco.

Doctor Mike. That i don’t know.

Doctor Halima: *shouted* wait a minute, what if we find its weak spot and use it against him..

Doctor Elvis: superb.

Doctor Mike: that’s very nice, we shall start working day and night in other to find out its weak spot. Hopefully, we might found out something.

Doctor Mike said with a smile as he stood up hugging his colleagues.


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Episode 18



Maria zoomed into the little hut that was occupied by she and dreco.

Maria: damn. Our secret is blown.

Dreco: what do you mean?

He asked.

Dreco: i thought you went out to get blood, fresh blood.

Maria: take a look at this newspapers.

Dreco: *collecting the newspapers from Maria and gasped*





Dreco: who, who, who wrote this?

Maria: can’t you read? His name is their.

Dreco: journalist Yazid Ahmed. Prepare, we have a whole family to eat.



Yazid was seated with his wife salamat on the dining table. He just came back from a conference where he was given several awards.

His two children, Mubarak and Musa were inside their neighbour’s house.

Yazid: thank God for remembering us.

Salamat: yes oo, we knew that that little story will earn us big time. Infact, it was a jackpot.

Yazid: yes but things here are not safe again. I am sending you, Mubarak and Musa to another part in this country where you guys can be safe from all these evil and and constant killing that is going on.

Salamat: i don’t want to go anywhere. I want to stay here with you…

Yazid: i would have loved it like that but the protection of my family comes first before any other thing.

*knock on the door*

Yazid: maybe the children are back.

Salamat: funny but the door is open na. Why knock when you can easily enter.

Yazid: *shouted* come in, the door is open.

He said and continued eating.

He looked up and saw noone.

Yazid: i said come in.

Salamat: just leave the person alone. Who knows, it might be this little children messing around.

DEEP VOICE: but i am not a child.

Yazid and salamat turned back in fear and saw Dreco and Maria sitting besides them.

Yazid: how did you? How did you come in. Please sir whatever you want i…

Dreco: shut up, where are the kids?

Yazid: *silent*

Dreco: where are the kid?

Yazid: *silent*

Dreco: i see.

He said and stood up coming closer to yazid. Yazid tried to run but he couldn’t as dreco caught him.

Salamat: please, please. Don’t..

Maria held her by the throat so tight that she couldn’t breathe. Then she used her hand and pierced it deep into her stomach. Blood was flowing out of her stomach accompanied by her intestines and other abdominal organs.

Before Yazid would shout, Dreco used his hands and plucked out his two eyes, then he removed his heart from his chest and threw away the lifeless body.

Dreco: that’s what happened when you stick your nose into other people’s business.

Just then, the sounds of their kids were heard. It could be that they were coming back.

Maria: should we kill them.

Dreco: *smiled* i got everything planned out..

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Episode 19



Chief of police, detective and other policemen were investigating the crime scene when doctor Elvis came inside.

Doctor Elvis: good day sir, it appears that our killer has struck again.

COP: yes he have, the worst of all was that the children were found missing. Only God knows what he is planning to do with them.

Doctor Elvis: that’s very bad.

COP: by the way, where is Doctor Mike?

Doctor Elvis: he couldn’t come because he escorted his wife and kids to the trian station. He wanted them to be safe from all the evil things that have been happening.

COP: hmmm,

Doctor Elvis: however, i have goodnews sir!

COP: ok, go ahead, i am all ears.

Doctor Elvis: *bringing out some files from his bag* from the venom deposited on the dead victims, we were able to run some DNA test on Dreco and Maria.

COP: ok, go on.

Doctor Elvis: we found some things they could be allergic to.

COP: and whats that.

Doctor Elvis: first of all, their system is against the smell of garlic, just like worms, salt may do some damage on their skin including powerful light beams such as sun.

COP: wow! Are you sure of everything you just said?

Doctor Elvis: well, it is just a theory because we haven’t tested it yet but somehow, our test never fails us.

COP: let me see that.

He said collection the files.

Doctor Elvis: i have to go now, more work are needed to be done.

COP: no problem, thank you very much for this.

Doctor Mike: its nothing sir. That’s our work and protecting the citizens too is our work.

He said and shake the chief of police before leaving.

COP: wait..

Doctor Elvis: *stopped* yes sir!

COP: you two *pointed at two policemen* take this body to his lab, let some test be run on them.

Policemen: yes sir!

They shouted.

COP: detective.

Detective: sir!

COP: ensure this files are published in all newspapers and the writter should not make his name visible on the write up.

Detective: *collecting the files* No problem sir!


I picked up my bag, opened it one more time in other to see if i forgot something important..

Me: good, everything is intact.

I closed the bag not after tearing the reply letter from my Aunty who said i shouldn’t come because of one Dreco and Maria who were said to be vampires. Funny enough, man killing man? Impossible.

I got to the train station and i was the only one there. That’s unusuall because the train station use to be full. No problem, i bought my ticket and sat down their waiting for the next passenger.





Dreco: repeat after me, your parents were killed by the chief of police and doctor mike.

Mubarak n musa: our parents were killed by the chief of police and doctor Mike.

Dreco: you shall hunt them all night.

Mubarak and Musa: we shall hunt them all night.

Dreco: now go and avenge your parents, drink as many blood as you want.

Mubarak n Musa: yes sir!

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Episode 20



Few people got into the train and we went straight to venis island. The ride was not as fun filled as one would wish because the occupant of the train were not much.

we arrived at Venis island train station around 6:30pm and took a boat inside the island. I got down at the sea port and carried my little briefcase to my aunt’s house.


I arrived at her house and knocked on the door.

Aunt: yes, who is their?

Me: *quiet*

she came out and on seeing me, she shouted.

Aunt: Idris, what are you doing here?

Me: i came to spend the holidays with you…

Aunt: but didn’t you see my letter? Why are you so stubborn for God sake?

Me: *quiet*

Aunt: *sighed* okay come in but you shall remain indoors always.

Me: *entered inside* aunty, why is your house filled with salt at each corner and i can perceive the smell of garlic everywhere?

Aunt: are you deaf or what, how many times will i tell you that here is not safe, dreco and Maria are out there killing people.

Me: and you believe that salt and garlic will stop them?

Aunt: yes of course it is written in the newspapers and, infact am not answering any of your questions again. Make yourself comfortable.

she said going inside her room.

I entered inside an empty room where i kept my bag, fell down on the bed and slept due to exhaustion.


I woke up and damn, i was very hungry. I stood up and went to the sitting room. Everywhere was empty.

I cat walked to my Aunt’s room and she was sleeping. She hasn’t married yet but was engaged.

I made my way to the kitchen, opened inside the cupboards but they was no food.

Me: ohhh, what kind of problem is this na?

I turned back and saw a little pot, on opening it, there was rice in it..

Me: wow,

i said licking my mouth. I opened the other pot and was disgusted at the hot smell of garlic though the pot contained stew with many fish and meat.

I do like stew but if there is something i hate is garlic, it smells so badly.

I walked into my room, opened by box and collected some money. I went outside not minding on taking any salt or that bad smelling garlic.

The whole street was empty and i laughed, people can fear.

Me: hahaha

Echo: hahaha

Me: *wow my voice just echoed, it might be that there is not a single soul on this street* Idris, where are you going?

Echo: Idris, where are you going?

Me: hahahahahaha


I walked to the end of the street but all the shops were closed.

Me: haa, time to go home and sleep on an empty stomach.

Just then, a strong wind started blowing against me. As time goes by, it was creating dust around me with papers and leathers flying everywhere..

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Episode 21



Musa and his brother got to doctor Mike’s house but couldn’t enter inside, the smell of garlic and the salt sprayed everywhere didn’t let them pass through.

No matter how hard they try, the smell of garlic was so terrible for them. They stayed for long trying to see if there is anyway they could enter but all effort was abortive.

They stayed in the dark where noone could see them. They saw doctor mike inside reading some books. The whole room was covered with torches that were emitting powerful beams of light.

They moved from houses to houses but its either the smell of garlic was stopping them or they is salt or the powerful torch beams.

Just when they thought everything was over, they heard a shout from down the street. Somebody was playing with his voice echo.

With the speed of light, the run towards the direction of the voice.


I was surprise when the wind seems as if it was circling me.. Well i don’t believe in this type of things so why should i be scared?

As i was about to move, two boys about my age came out from the wind. They bodies were pale white as slow. Lo and behold, standing before me were demons, real demons.

I never knew such things existed but now i know. Now i regretted why i came to this island.

Nobody needs to tell me to run, i turned back and started running.

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b]Episode 23




The first boy came to my front with a speed, so fast that he could move in the twinkle of an eye.

I tried running back but the other guy blocked me.. Before i could move, they grabbed me.. Wow, great strength for these little boys. I couldn’t even shake.

Then one of them bit me at my neck. His teeth were very long and sharp. I felt great pains as he continued sucking my blood. I felt some kind of hot liquid slipped through me but the pains was to much that i fell down and passed out.

Musa: hmmm, the blood is so sweet.

Mubarak: can i have a drink?

Musa: no, you can kill him in the process. His blood is low. Remember what Dreco told us.

Mubarak: yea. Lets go and feed more.





Maria came inside with a zoom followed by Musa and Mubarak. Dreco was sitted in an arm chair drinking blood in a cup.

He smiled on seeing them.

Dreco: Analysis…

Maria: goodnews and badnews.

Dreco:. Lets go with the badnews first.

Maria: ok, most of the citizens surrounded their house with salt, garlic and powerful light beams.

Dreco: i knew that would happen. Ok what about the goodnews?

Maria: i succeed in biting about seventy five careless citizens. That include drunkers and prostitutes.

Musa and Mubarak: and we bit sixty people. That includes young boys we deceived and girls with little children.

Dreco: that’s very nice, by this time tomorrow, my vampires armies would be ready. We are going to rule this island, we shall rule this world. Hahahaha.



COP: get all bitten bodies into mohek lab.

Detective: they are too much, over two hundred and some have started transforming into vampires.

COP: then get some men and everybody should vacate this island before evening.

The chief of police said as he went inside a room where a meeting was taken place about how to tackle the present situation.

The chief of Army staff, naval staff, air marshals and many other high military ranks were there. The meeting took many hours but a decision was made. Ten nuclear bombs will planted on the island and the island will be destroyed including the vampires in it.. As for the citizens, they would be safe because most have vacated the island but the problem is who will plant the bomb before nightfall?

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I woke up the next day, i was inside mohek lab. I stood up and the thirst for blood surge through me.. I looked at my skin and it was white, pale white.

I didn’t believe that i just become a vampire. Oh, had i know i wouldn’t have been stubborn. Had i know i would have heed to advice.

Now i am now a demon program to kill. Oh my Aunty, i pity her. I said as i stood up. Some vampires around me also stood up and went in search for blood in the lab.

Speaking about my Aunty, is she still human or vampire? I couldn’t tell. I came out of the hospital and ran to her house with great speed tearing forth anything that stands in my way.

The whole island was deserted, everybody have left the place, i just hope my aunty has done same.

I reached her house and was shocked, she was the only person inside. I couldn’t enter because of the salt and garlic that was everywhere. I called out to her and she spotted me..

To my greatest surprise, she ran out of the house and hugged me with tears running down her cheeks. If i had a tear gland, i would have cried but vampires do not cry.

We don’t even have emotion but here i am feeling regretfull and sad.

We were still hugging each other when a vampire jumped from nowhere wanting to bite my aunt. I quickly disengaged from the hug, jumped up and caught the vampire in mid air.

I took it straight to the ground and with all strength in me, i removed the head from the body with one single blow.

Me: you have got to leave this island.

Aunt: why?

Me: more and more are coming. Is there anybody left on this island?

Aunt: no, just doctor mike, the chief of police and few policemen that are planning to set the bomb on this island.

Me: good, where are they now.

Aunt: They should be at the sea port.


I carried my Aunt and dash away. I ran so fast because i knew that the vampires will eventually come. I got to the sea port in time where i dropped her. She ran and entered the boat where doctor Mike, COP and other policemen were inside. I couldn’t enter because of salt and other anti-vampire equipment their.

About five minute, the chief of police came out with a bag followed by doctor mike.

COP: we have heard everything your aunt told us.

Doctor Mike: i never knew a vampire could be different.

Me: yes, i volunteered myself because i don’t want anyone to be transformed into a demon like me..

COP: nice here are the bombs.

Doctor Mike: and here is the remote panel. Fix the bomb at all corner of the island, get yourself to safety and destroy the island.

I collected everything.

Me: can i see my Aunty one more time.

COP: no problem.

My Aunty came out and i know that it will be the last time for me to see her beautiful face or perceive her nice scent.

She tried all her best in persuading me to abort the mission but no i won’t, i am doing this for her. I want her to be safe with her husband and give birth to beautiful kids.

Me: i will get out of the island once i fixed the bomb.

Aunt: are you sure?

Me: yes ma.

I watched as she entered inside the boat and it sail across the sea, that’s bye bye to the last human on that island. Being a vampire, other vampires didn’t know my aim so setting the bomb was super easy.

Me: objective complete, number 2 get out of the island. No, am a vampire and people out there are not safe. Number 3 destroy the island, that’s after i kill the guy that turned me into this demon with my bare hands.


i searched everywhere with my super speed but didn’t see them. I entered inside Dreco’s hut were he and Maria with the two boys that did this to me were jubilating.

With great speed, i dashed towards one and stabbed him with a sharp wood straight to his heart. I caught him by surprise and Musa died instantly.

Mubarak gave me a deadly blow that threw me out of the house. He rushed towards me with his super speed while Dreco and Maria came outside the hut enjoying the fight.

I haven’t drink any blood since and so, i was weak but must accomplish my mission. Before Mubarak could reach me, i used my super speed to my advantage[/b]I dodged him, collected the wood from his hand and stabbed him in his heart.

Dreco: A vampire that won’t cooperate.

He said and grabbed me by the collar. As the boss, he was the strongest and i couldn’t move.

Dreco: now your turn to die.

Me: hahaha.

Dreco: why the laugh.

Me: because you made a mistake, now is our turn to die.

I said and pressed the remote panel





Me: and that is how i died in the island with all the vampires in it. Before i didn’t believe in vampires and it cost me my life and i am proud to have safe the life of many humans.. THE END.

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