[STORY] SEX FOR FREE (Episode 1-15)

Episode 1

So I said, “A man who hasn’t discovered his talent yet, has never gotten hungry” and it’s very true. Once hunger strikes on you, nobody will tell you to do something. You’ll sit on your own and think so much about things you can do with your life to satisfy your stomach. Being a guy is not about waking up with your d–k so hard in your boxer shorts, it’s not about going to the gym to work out for bigger muscles, neither is it about going round and picking fights that are not meant for you. Being a guy is just about living with the principles of men, always in your mind. There are three philosophies every man should take note of. Let me break them.

Every man should:

Think faster. Don’t think fast, even women can do that. Think faster.

Act smarter. Don’t act smart, even women can do that. Act smarter.

Play safe. No woman can do this trick like a man. Just play safe. So you see, think faster, act smarter and play safe. In the end, you’ll smile to yourself.

To my story, hunger visited me one morning and swore never to leave me for the rest of my life if I hadnt been smarter. I graduated from Senior High School in 2011, four years ago. Coming from such school should’ve given me luck in life, that’s what I thought but it seemed it wasnt like that. Not coming from a rich home, I had to struggle on my own to make some money to continue my education or live at peace thereby reducing the burden my five other siblings were putting on our parents. I wasnt lazy, I just didnt find any job as good as I thought. The first job I picked was to work with a preacher. I liked that job because the money we always got was enough but I stopped voluntarily. You know why? It’s because this preacher always made me pray after preaching. I told him I wasn’t so familiar with prayers and that, he should say all the prayers but he was so stubborn, always chose me to pray. So I stopped to work at a mechanic shop. I liked the work too but my only problem was the clothes. You might go to work like a lamb but return home like a pig. So I stopped two weeks later. Then, I went to teach in a primary school. I stopped three weeks later without even waiting for my salary. The students were so block-headed. They were so stupid that I always felt dizzy in class. So I stopped and decided to work as a cab driver for one old man. The man was just as stupid as his car. For the two days that I worked with the car, it was always at fault. Instead of the man to allow his wife to give me food to eat, he would still ask me to go home empty-handed and empty stomach.

So I stopped two days later and applied to work as a driver’s assistant (mate). Even that was the worse the driver was so stupid that he collected all the money after every trip. He suspected me of cheating so I beat him and stopped working with him. I was called to attend an interview for a job at a food processing company. During the interview, my phone rung and that got me disqualified because they said I wasnt mannered…stupid people chosen as

interviewers. So this and more were the tricks life played on me. At last, I decided to be a trickster. I would get phone packages as if I was selling phones, then use original phones to convince people to buy them. In the end, I would put soaps in the packages and sell them as mobile phones. I made lots of money from that until one day, I almost died. A police man dressed ordinarily and came to buy phone from me. Just as I gave it to him, he opened the package and saw “sunlight” soap in it. He showed me his ID card and told me he was arresting me. Before he could put his ID in his pocket I was on my heels. He started shouting and made people run after me as if I were a thief. Luckily for me, the first guy who caught me was my friend who was in the same business, so he made me take off my shirt and run past me as if the guy he was after was still running. I was sitting down when the foolish policeman ran past me without noticing me. So I stopped that one too.

Episode 2

I was left jobless, praying to get the perfect to be sent from above for me. I just didn’t have the patience to work with stupid people. How I ate, only God knows. I didn’t have one talent. I was blessed enough to do everything that would come in my mind, the problem was how to get people to notice what I do. I could sing, dance, rap, work with my hands, trick, I mean anything you can think of. Though I wasn’t rich, but I never joked with what I wore. My clothes were not new but I knew how to wear them best. I dressed anyhow I liked. So dressing good became my life. I hope you now understand why I couldnt be a mechanic.

It was one morning, I was so hungry. Due to my lifestyle of hating stupid people, I had just two friends. They were not even staying near me. So that morning, I was thinking of what to do when I heard a knock on my door. I didnt believe it was on my door because nobody would visit me early that morning. The knock came twice, forcing me to open the door. It was a lady in her twenties with some big boobs and hips bi. “Are you looking for me?” I asked.

Lady: Yeah, good morning. Please, my father asked me to come and remind you about the rent. He said you have three days to pay or ev.. ev….(she sighed and didnt continue) I took a deep breathe looking at the lady. So her stupid father sent her to wake me from my thoughts that morning just because of his rent.

Was it not just GHC90. I got so angry within, but I felt the lady would have something to offer.

Me: I’ve never seen you around, I hope you don’t live here.

Lady: Oh no, I school at Accra. I come here once in a while.

Me: Which school?

Lady: UPSA.

At once I began to shake. So she was a university student? I had to act fast and get her attention.

Me: So as beautiful and sweet as you are, your father sent you to come to me for just GHC90, and you couldnt tell him anything? Awwww…how could you?

Lady: Oh, actually, I didnt even want to come ooo buh….. I’m sorry tho. (she smiled shyly)

Me: No problem… I was on my way to the bank before you came, so I would ask you to come back in the night. But dont tell your father that ooo, just tell him I said I’ll come to him.

Lady: No problem.

Me: So, I’ll be expecting you in the night then. Do come ooo.

Lady: I promise, I’ll come. So she left, leaving me to my thoughts again. Why did I even tell her to come in the night? Well, time would tell.

I called Joe, my friend at Oduom to ask him to lend me some money. There was no way he was going to say no because we had been like brothers. I helped him to pay for his WASSCE because his father was jobless then and to him, that was the best thing an ordinary person could do for him. So I walked from Ayigya, where I stayed, to Oduom. I went to his spare parts shop and had a long chat with him. He gave me GHC50 to keep me running. I walked back home in order to save the money I would use for the transportation.

Around 6:30 pm, I heard the knock again. I remembered it was the landlord’s daughter. I dressed my bed within some seconds I put everything in place before reaching for the door. I hadnt afforded a bulb in front of the house so it was dark outside. Besides, I didn’t even want her to stand outside so I opened the door gently for her. She was smelling so good. “mmmmmm…” I had to think faster and act smarter with her.

Episode 3

There was no chair in my room so she had no option than to sit on the bed. “Can I offer you anything” I asked gently. She said no after some minutes of silence.

Me: Anyway, I’m Mike. She started smiling. “I’m Angella.” she said softly amidst smiles.

Me: Why are you so happy?

Angy: Oh, it’s nothing. Your name just reminded me of a friend. (still smiling)

Me: Your boyfriend, right?

Angy: Oh no, I hate boyfriend terms.

Me: So do you mean at your age, you have no boyfriend?

Angy: Hmmmm…I was raped at 14 and since then, I’ve grown hatred for guys. Anyone who has tried proposing to me has received insults as answer.

Me: So do you hate me?

Angy: Oh no, no. You’re in my father’s house so I won’t hate you. (she giggled).

I held her hand and started to talk about s-x with her. She didnt even want to hear about it.

How? I played softly with her mind and asked her to allow us to play a s-x game for the first time. It took us an hour and half before she agreed to have s-x with me but on the condition that I would marry her in future. d–n, she was serious so I had to act along. I promised to marry her at last. So she asked me to switch off the light and do whatever I wanted.

I played little tricks on her body, she made some funny noises. Just as I was about to take her pant off, she held me. “No, I’m scared. I cant do it, It’s painful.” she said as she sat up.

Me: So are you going to leave me so hard on? Dont do that, sweety. I promise you’ll enjoy it. It’s sweet.

Angy: Ok, you must stop when I tell you to. Finish it faster, do you hear? I nodded, eventhough she didnt see it because the room was dark. I was just impatient to satisfy that crazy desire in me. So, I caressed her and did it for about two minutes. She started screaming, “stop, stop…you’re hurting me, stop. I’m dying.”

If not for the facts that she had been raped earlier and that she was my landlord’s daughter, I wouldnt stop. I got up and put the lights on. She started crying, louder and louder. Ei, what s–t had I gotten myself into?

No matter how I pampered her, she wouldnt stop crying. I asked her to dress and led her home. It was about 9 o’clock.

I came home very angry. I fetched water to go and take my bath but I paused for some moments. An hour later, she called me on phone to ask if I was angry. Of course, I told her I was. How could she leave my D–k so hard and elongated?

To end it, she said she thought she would bleed, that was why she was crying. She asked if she could come back to my room because she couldnt sleep.

Guys, would you say no if you were me?

I asked her to come and she did. I told her I was going to take my bath but she held me and said no, I should do it after she was gone. Wow, I knew she wanted something but I played gently. She pushed me to the bed and started kissing me. I got her relaxed on the bed and gave it to her gently.

After the first lap, I was on the bed when she started playing with my D–k to harden it again. She wanted another one. Eii, women are unpredictable. “Was it not this same girl who was crying about an hour ago just because I was doing this same thing to her?” I asked myself.

Episode 4

We did it again and again till she got very satisfied.

Around 3 a.m, she asked me to accompany her home. We dressed up and went away. I returned immediately to take my bath. She woke me with a call in the morning, to ask how I was doing. She asked if she could bring me some of the food she was preparing. I pretended as if I didn’t like that idea but deep within me, this was an opportunity I wasn’t letting go. I accepted her offer and ended the call.

I was very happy at least, I had gotten my breakfast freely. About an hour later, she was at my door knocking. I was feeling too lazy to go and open the door for her so I told her to open it. I was just pretending as if I hadnt even seen her.

Angy: Darling, I’m here with your food. Get up and eat before it gets cold. I got up and went out to brush my teeth. Before I came, she had served the food nicely on a table. I laughed in my head when I saw the food, jollof with eggs and beef.

Me: Baby, is this not too much for me?

She smiled and told me to eat everything. In fact, I ate very well that day. She left later and promised to come in the night with my supper. After she had gone, I broke into laughter. This was awesome. I continued with my sleep in order to gain all the energy I lost during the night.

I woke up and went to town just to see what was happening around. During the night, Angela came. This time, it was banku and okro stew that had specially been prepared with love. I ate the food and ate her afterwards. She was very happy with how I made her feel.

She asked me, “What do you do?”

I didnt know how she would feel if I told her I was jobless, just like that. I thought of something catchy.

Me: Actually, I was a banker at Zenith bank. A year ago, my best friend asked me to help him get a loan from the bank. He had a good business plan but didnt have anything to help him start so I used my property (house and cars) as collateral. Unfortunately, he ran away with the money and hence, the bank took everything I had. Thats why I came here to ask your father for this.

She was very silent for some minutes, then said, “Oh, I’m very sorry. Nowadays, you cant trust anybody. Hmmm…God will punish him very well.”

I explained to her how I was finding it difficult to pay his father but she told me to relax about the rent. I had to put everything in her hands. She comforted me and made me eat her again.

At the same time we left the other night, I took her home. I came home to think of what Angy said about the rent, “Leave everything about the rent to me”. Did it mean she would pay or what?

I slept afterwards.

My relationship with Angela grew so strong. Everyday, she brought me breakfast, supper and her body. Two months later, she left for school.

She gave me GHC150 when she was leaving and promised to send me more.

I never paid rent again……

Episode 5.

About two months after Angela had gone, she called me one morning. I thought she was telling me she had sent me some cash and was telling me how to get it so I answered happily and started calling her sweet names. But hey, I was wrong. Even the voice she used to call my name wasnt as usual. Hmmmm…

I dont need to tell you what the problem was. After two months of sexual pleasure, you dont expect anything than pregnancy.

How could I be so careless? I asked her what she wanted to do and she threw the same question to me. She didnt want to abort her baby. I wanted to deny being responsible but I remembered the fact that she was a secondary virgin when I took her. What killed me most was that, her mother had seen it and automatically her father would know too.

The call had not even ended when I heard a loud knock on my door. I hadnt locked it so it opened on its own. Chaley, it was my landlord, looking so fierce like a hungry lion.

“Foolish boy, you cant even pay your rent yet you have the guts to impregnate my daughter. Idiot, I will show you how it feels when you mix pepper and ginger in your eyes. Ahaaaa! So you convinced my daughter to tell me to forget the money you owe me, hun? You lie. I will show you who I am. Fool… Odwan ba, just wait and see. If you dont know me, ask the people in this community. You will regret the pleasure you had, he-goat.”

My landlord said these angrily and left without making me utter a word. I had f—-d up one big time. I was in trouble. I knew the kind of man my landlord was. He had money so he could do whatever he wanted to me. I called Joe and told him I had to come and stay with him for the night because the police was after me. I left home to Luda, my friend at Asokwa. I stayed there till night fell. Then I came to my house and packed my clothes in my bag and left to Joe. With the rest of my things, the landlord could sell them and use the money to take care of my baby. I explained everything that happened to Joe and he advised me to stay with him for a while till he gets enough money for me to go somewhere far.

I couldnt sleep that night. I had to throw my phone away in order to avoid calls from Angela. It took me over a week to be myself again.

About two months later, the pressure on me had gone. Joe sent me to go and buy some items for him to refill his shop. I waited at the bus-stop for a long time but it seemed no car was coming to pick me so I decided to walk. After I had walked for about three kilometres, I felt the urge to complete the whole 15 kilometres on foot. Getting to a bushy area, I saw a woman of about forty years. She was looking so depressed behind her car. From the look on her face, I knew she wasnt from anywhere near. I approached her and asked her what the problem was. She told me her car couldnt move again, a mechanic had attended to it but couldnt help so she had sent for a taxi but it was taking long to come. I felt the need to offer a kind of a help for this lady.

Then, I remembered I was a mechanic for three weeks. The fact that a real mechanic wasn’t able to repair it almost made me give up but I didnt. I opened the bonnet and found the problem as early as possible. The battery had not been connected well, that was all.

Ah, so which mechanic couldnt find this simple thing?

I did it, touched some other parts and told her to start the car. I prayed for luck and gracefully, it started. The lady felt so happy and thanked me. She wanted to give me money but I refused. I asked her if she could help me to get a job.

Unfortunately, she resided in Accra so she asked if I could come there. I told her I would visit her as soon as possible if only I need to do that. I took her card and waved at her as she sped off. I was tired by then, so I waited for a van to continue my journey with….

Episode 6

At mid-day of the next day, I called the number the woman had given me. She asked me when I would be ready to come for the job because it was a secured one. My worry was about my accommodation but she told me not to worry because I could stay at the boys’ quarters together with two other guys.

I felt very happy. I told Joe about everything and asked him to borrow me GHC50 for my transportation. I packed all my clothes and headed to Accra the following day.

I didn’t know Accra very well, I followed the direction the lady gave me. I got to Madina where I was told to come.

As I was going to the shop where she had directed me to, behind a wall, somebody poured water and it came straight to me. Gush, it was as if she had bathed a baby in the water because I could smell baby-s–t on my body. I rushed to the house and truly, a lady was dressing her baby. She saw me and realized what she had done. She apologized and asked me to take a shower in her house and change my clothes. It favoured me somehow because already, I wanted to change my clothes.

I showered and dressed up. I felt better then. I thanked her and went to the shop I was to go to. When I reached there, I saw the lady smiling at me.

“Welcome, hope you didn’t find it difficult coming here,” she said.

I smiled. She took me to an office and made me sit.

She said, “Welcome, once again. My name is Miss Jane. Actually, I wanted to make you a worker here but on second thought, I’ve decided to make you my personal driver. I dont know much about cars so you will take control of everything. You will stay with me in my house. Your initial salary will be GHC150, it will increase depending on how well you work. I don’t know if it is okay with you”

I told her it was satisfying. She told me I should take her home because she was tired. You won’t believe how I felt, my first day with a Toyota Corolla. I took her home safely.

When we got home, she took me to my room and later introduced me to Juliet, the househelp. She added that she had a daughter by name Daniella, who was in school. She would come during vacations. She told Juliet to do everything I need for me. So we left to our rooms.

During the night, Juliet came to call me for dinner.

After eating, I asked if I could get a phone to make a call. Juliet gave me hers, so I called Joe and told him how things had turned. I went to sleep peacefully afterwards.

The next day, I began my work. I woke up very early, cleaned the car and waited patiently till Miss Jane woke up. I greeted her with a good morning smile as she was still in her night wear. Unlike many people, Miss Jane looked more beautiful even when she wakes early in the morning. I sat in the sofa at the hall as she passed to and fro. I began to wonder how a man would leave such a beautiful and independent woman to live all alone.

I looked at her and asked myself, “Where is your husband? How will he feel when he comes to meet me in his house without his notice?”

Well, I couldnt answer so I kept my mouth shut. Juliet came to call me for breakfast which was tea and bread. How could I eat this as breakfast?

I called her outside and told her to kindly serve me some rice and stew or any other heavy thing apart from that hot water and yeast. She smiled and told me to wait for a while as she prepared the rice for me. She called me about 15 minutes later to tell me the food was ready. I ate it peacefully and silently. Before I was done eating, Miss Jane joined the table to take her breakfast.

When we were done, we left for work. My first month passed slowly. Every morning, I would wake, finish with my preparations and sit in the sofa to wait for Miss Jane.

On that particular morning, I don’t know what came over me. I was in the sofa as usual when Miss Jane appeared from her room. I looked at her that my eyes surpassed her face, went into her transparent night wear and caught her multicoloured beads. I could see them clearly together with her pantless bouncing pair of butt. Her boobs were still stiff on her chest.

I heard a shout from her, “Hey Mike, what is wrong with you? What are you thinking of? I’ve been greeting you but it seems your mind is not in my house. Don’t misbehave, you hear me?”

Of course, I didn’t have to misbehave, she was my mistress afterall…..

Episode 7

I felt ashamed that morning. I thought very deep as I took my breakfast.

“Did Miss Jane actually see me looking at those parts of her body? Will she sack me? Can she trust me of being a good guy?”

I couldn’t even eat well. I got up and waited for her in the car, still feeling bad. My head was on the steering wheel when she asked me to open the door for her. She told me not to drive to work but to a friend’s house, following her directions.

On our way, she asked, “What were you thinking about this morning that you couldn’t even hear me greeting you?”

Eii, my head went blank after the question. What perfect answer would be better for this question. Within seconds, I came to myself.

Me: I was just thinking about my mum. You know, I’ve not been able to call her since I came and I know she might be worried about me.

MJ: Oh, that’s true. I thought you were thinking of your girlfriend.

Me: Me? Oh, no. I don’t have a girlfriend. I need to have certain things on my own as a man before thinking about relationships.

MJ: Are you telling the truth, guys of today.

Me: Madam, I have no reason to lie ooo. I’m single.

There was silence in the car then. I felt happy for being able to divert her mind from the actual thing I was doing in the morning. I broke the silence.

Me: Madam, please can I ask you something? Don’t be angry ooo.

MJ: No problem.

Me: Please are you married?

MJ: Yeah. I’m married but my husband has gone abroad.

Me: Oh really?

MJ: Yh… He’s been in London for 15 years. At times I wonder whether he even remembers he has a wife to work on. I live like a single woman now.

Me: Doesnt he call you?

MJ: You think just calling me at dawn is okay? What are you saying? I’m human, remember that. I may need someone to hold me once in a while.

Me: I’m sorry, madam.

The conversation ended there.

Some minutes later, we arrived in front of a heavy storey building apartment. It was no doubt, the person living there was a millionaire. She asked me to wait for her as she left to whoever was in the house. I waited in the car impatiently. I remembered what I had seen in the morning. How could a man leave such goodies for 15 years without thinking of coming back to it?

I remembered how attractive her beads made her butt looked. Eventhough she said she had given birth once, her boobs were still huge and stiff even at age 41.

I asked, “Did she have somebody who made her blood renew once in a while? She looked better. Well, she might even have a vibrator which helped her to maintain her shape.”

About thirty minutes later, she appeared from the gate of the house together with a woman of the same age. They waved at themselves as I sped off. I drove to her workplace afterwards.

That afternoon, she gave me my first salary. Instead of GHC150, it was GHC200. It meant I was working hard enough.

About 4 pm, we went home. I went into my room to think of what to do with the money. After dinner, I was at the hall watching television when I remembered that the car was making a kind of unusual noise during the day. I had to take it to the mechanic the next day so I decided to tell Miss Jane about it. I went to her door and knocked severally but she didn’t answer. I was scared. Miss Jane entered her room about 10 minutes ago, so what had happened to her that she couldn’t hear a knock on her door?

I knocked for the last time and without any response, I opened the door to check on what was happening. Just as I entered her room, she also appeared from the bathroom. Just as she saw me, the white towel she had covered her naked self with, fell off from her hands. I don’t know whether it fell out of the shock of seeing me in her room or what…..

Episode 8.

She quickly picked the towel and started shouting at me. “How dare you enter my room without knocking? Are you crazy? Come on, get out!”. I went without uttering a word. Was it my fault that her towel fell? I went into my room feeling very bad. How could Miss Jane blame me?

Afterall, I knocked several times without responds, so why should she get angry? Was she going to sack me?

The more I thought, the more disturbed I felt. Well, I was ready to face my dismissal. I undressed and went to take a shower. I had just appeared from the bathroom naked, when my door opened.

“Wheewww…” Miss Jane entered my room, wearing a pink nightie. “Oh, I’m sorry.” she said and went out.

I asked myself, “So because I entered her room without knocking and saw her naked, she has also entered my room without knocking. How could she do that?”

I was sitting on my bed applying pomade when I heard a knock on my door. “Come in, please.” I responded. Miss Jane appeared. “Oh, it’s you.” I said shyly.

She entered and asked if she could sit on the bed. Looking at how appetizing she was in that pink nightie, I decided to be a good boy by not looking at her but she insisted that I should look at her in order to get everything she was going to say in my ears.

MJ: I’m sorry about what happened. Actually I knocked severally but you didn’t respond so I thought you were angry about how I talked to you earlier, that’s why I entered. Only to find you naked. In fact I didn’t see anything though.

Me: Oh madam, no problem. It’s same as mine, I also knocked at your door but it seemed you didn’t hear from the bathroom. I thought something was wrong with you, that was why I entered. Only to find you…….

MJ: Find me what? You saw me naked, right?

Me: No, madam. I saw you in towel.

MJ: Liar…but I hope you’ve forgiven me.

Me: No worries, madam. I have to apologize in the first place for entering your room in that way. We were in silence. I wanted her to leave because looking at her, my mind got filled with evil.

MJ: Are you shy of me?

Me: Oh, no madam. I’m alright.

MJ: Are you ready to sleep now?

Me: Yes, madam.

MJ: Stop this madam madam thing. Call me Jane. And why are you sweating? Are you feeling hot or nervous? She started rubbing my back and shoulders.

Me: Oh, no madam. I’m okay.

I saw her pushing herself closer to me. I prayed to be calm but I couldn’t.

MJ: You’ve got such huge muscles. Do you visit the gym often?

She held my n—–s and played with them with her fingertips. She noticed there had been some changes in my boxer shorts, it looked heavier than before. She then took the coat on her nightie off and spoke softly.

MJ: Wow, Mikey. You’ve got gifts between your thighs. What are you thinking about?

Before I could talk again, she was rubbing my D–k.

She pushed me to lie, then kissed me whiles she had one hand in my pants.

“Dont be shy. Do whatever you want.” she told me.

By this, all my fears died. I returned her kisses and carressed her gently. She asked if I needed a blow job. I hope you don’t expect “no” as an answer from me. She went on her knees and s—-d me all out. I loved her soft moans she added to the act.

Afterwards, she sat on my D–k and did that crazy up and down motion. I held her waist and moved it faster till she was moaning heavily. I switched her to the ordinary “face-me-face you” position. I f—-d her very hard, adding all the stress I went through in the morning. I hadn’t felt this way in a while. Being 41 years, her p—y was still as tight as an 18 year old virgin. That night, there was no driver or mistress in my room. She begged me to c-m because my D–k was too big for her.

About 20 minutes of serious hard f–k, I ejaculated. It was then that I realized that Miss Jane had tears in her eyes. She held me closer.

“Let this be between us. I have never cheated in 15 years but you’ve made me done it. I don’t regret though, my husband does it too. Let it be in your head, you hear?” I answered positively. “Are you satisfied?” I asked her.

Then she responded, “Can you really do it again, harder than before?”

I turned her over and started kissing her. She held my D–k and squeezed it in a way to harden it again. Within a minute, I had it on. She gave me that p—y to f–k it just like dogs would do. With style, my bed was shaking noisily but we didn’t mind. We f—-d ourselves as long as we could.

The following morning, I woke later than usual. Miss Jane was still naked in my bed.

The time was 8:13 when I checked. I woke Miss Jane to tell her the time but she told me to forget about work and sleep. I went to the bathroom to clean my face, then went to clean the car, leaving Miss Jane in my room.

Juliet came to me…..


Episode 9

Juliet: Where is Miss Jane? Won’t you go to work today?

Me: No. She told me last night that she’s tired so we should take the day off.

Juliet: So where is she? I’ve been to her room thrice but I couldn’t find her. Do you know where she might be?

Me: Naaa, you know I just woke. Maybe, she went out early in the morning?

From the face Juliet put up, it was clear that she wasn’t convinced with what I said. It seemed she was suspecting me of knowing the whereabouts of Miss Jane. Well, I did but I wasn’t letting it out of me.

Juliet: Do you mind if I help you with the car?

Me: Really? No problem. Take this. I gave her a napkin to assist me with cleaning the car.

After we were done, we sat on the bonnet to chat. About ten minutes later, Miss Jane appeared. I was somehow shy when I saw her face at first.

Juliet: Good morning, madam. I came looking for you in your room but you weren’t there.

MJ: Yeah…I was working in the other room last night, so I slept there. Hope you’re all fine. Mikey let me see you when you’re done with whatever you’re doing.

Me: Yes, madam.

She looked at me and gave a soft wink.

I went for my breakfast, took my bath and relaxed in my room.

Juliet came to knock on my door and told me Miss Jane wanted to see me in her room. When I got there, she was sitting on her bed with the white towel covering her. She opened her cabinet and brought out an iphone.

“I’m giving you this phone so you can reach your mother anytime you want. I don’t want you to be in my house and think deeply of another woman somewhere.” she said with smiles.

As I stretched my hand to collect the phone, she held me with the other hand and said, “take me to the land of pleasure. I need you now.”

Me: What if Juliet comes in and finds us?

MJ: That’s the reason why you should shut up and f–k me now. It’s just a quickie, baby.

She took off her towel and right on the bed, we had a quickie.

After we were done, she held me and said, “I’ve been married for 18 years and you’re the first person to give me o—-m. I never enjoyed any s-x I had with my husband. I will do anything you want, just give me the feeling anytime I need it. Now, go.”

I pulled up my shorts and went into my room. Miss Jane no longer saw me as an ordinary car driver but her crazy p—y vibrator as well. She started giving me much money even when it wasnt the end of the month. I had enough to send to Joe and to my mum. One weekend, I was in my room when I heard Miss Jane talking to a friend at the sitting room. I got curious to know who the person was, so I got out in an attempt to pick something from the car.

As I was returning into my room, Miss Jane called me.

“Mikey, meet my best friend, Selly. The lady we visited the other time. Selly, this is my new driver, Mike.”

I shook her hand and went into my room. I knew Selly would say something about me but I didn’t know whether it would be good or bad. When I entered the room I opened the door slightly to listen to what they were saying.

From the room I heard Selly, “Hey, where did you get him from? He is so gentle and handsome. Hope he’s not driving you at home too.”

Miss Jane laughed and replied, “Don’t be crazy. Remember I’m still married, girl. He is just my driver, that is all.” I was satisfied with what I heard so I closed the door and took a nap.

On Monday, Miss Jane sent me to go to Selly’s house to collect some items from her…..

Episode 10

I called Selly to tell her Miss Jane had sent me to her house for the items. I almost missed my way to her house, since I had been there just once. But in the end, I made it to the million cedis apartment. I packed the car outside and pressed the door bell.

Some minutes later, the security came to open the gate for me. I stood there and took a good look at the house I had entered. I loved it so much but since it couldn’t be mine, I just minded my business and went inside.

Selly was in the living room watching television when I got in. When she saw me, she got up and came to me. She said softly, “Hi, welcome to my home. I thought you would miss the way.”

We smiled. She asked me to sit down and went to the bar to get a bottle of wine. She was in a blue mini skirt that revealed her big a-s so well. As I sat in the sofa, I took a good look at her.

Selly was heavier than Miss Jane. Her butt and boobs were bigger from her dress as compared to Miss Jane’s. From where I sat, I could feel her a-s was talking to me as she walked to get the drinks.

Hey, I had to stop these stupid thoughts and get the items first. I removed my phone from my pocket and checked the time.

Selly brought me the glass of wine and started a chat with me. Well we went through my love life and all about me. Once in a while, she would scratch my palm as she sat beside me. I knew she was tempting me but I didn’t want to play along.

She stood up and asked, “How do you see my boobs? Can you s–k them?”

I was confused as of what to say so I just smiled shyly. She put her right leg in the sofa and moved her hands slowly on her thighs. She asked again, “Can you guess the size of my panty?” I sheeply answered, “42”. Then she laughed.

At once, I was shivering. I told her to kindly give me the items because Miss Jane would be expecting me at home. She knew I wasn’t going in for what she was doing, so she went to her room and brought two boxes full of whatever. She went to the bar and brought two bottles of baileys, one henessey and a moet.

“You can take them. These are the items. I hope you brought the car.” she said.

I nodded and took the things to my car. As I was about leaving, she handed me an envelope.

“This is for you. It’s a gift from me to you.” she said.

I collected it, thanked her and drove home. Miss Jane wasn’t at home when I got there. I took the items to her room, just as she had asked me to, and went to my room to find what was in the envelope. When I opened it, it contained ten new GHC50 notes. I was so happy, I had gotten GHC500 freely. I searched for my phone to call her to thank her but I couldn’t find it. I searched the car and everywhere but still couldn’t find it. Then, I remembered I took it from my pocket when I was in Selly’s house. I might have left it there.

At once, Juliet appeared and told me Miss Jane wanted to speak to me on her phone. When I answered, Miss Jane told me that, Selly had told her I had left my phone in her sofa so I should come for it.

I drove back to Selly’s house. When I entered her living room, she was standing before her door with a white towel covering her.

Me: Thank you very much for the gift you gave me. I appreciate it very much.

Selly: Do you think that is a better way to say thank you?

She walked closer to me as I stood there not knowing what to do. She pushed me into the sofa.

She said softly, “I’ll give you more if you play it wild.”

At this time, I was wild. We kissed and right in the sofa, I f—-d her hungrily. One thing I loved about her f–k was that, she didn’t move her body. Since she had a bigger a-s, she twisted her waist freely. She knelt in the sofa and pushed p—y here and there, all for me. I played my best till we were sweating even with the air conditioner on.

She asked me of when I would come there again but I told her I didn’t know. Everything was in the hands of Miss Jane. We kissed passionately for the last time and I went home.

Miss Jane had arrived when I got home. She asked me why I had kept so long. I told her my tire went flat so I had to get help from a mechanic shop. I went into my room and slept till Juliet came to wake me for dinner.

After dinner Miss Jane came for a quickie and went to bed…..

Episode 11

On that Friday of the week, I f—-d Selly, we had gone to work like always, when Miss Jane asked me to drive home and bring her some documents.

On my way, she called to tell me her daughter had come to Accra and needed me to take her home but she had a meeting with some clients in some minutes away, so she had told Selly who was already going out, to take me to the exact place her daughter was.

It meant I had to go home, wait for Selly and go with her to pick up Miss Jane’s daughter. I got home and called Selly to know her whereabout. She told me she was not so far from our house so I should wait patiently for her.

I offered myself fruit juice and waited for her in the sofa, like I do every morning for Miss Jane. About twenty minutes later, Selly arrived. She asked me to get her some of the juice because she was tired. Afterwards, she called Daniella, Miss Jane’s daughter and told her to wait for us because we would delay for some time. The house was so quiet, I didn’t know where Juliet had gone to.

After Selly’s call, she came to me and asked me for a quickie. I was kind of scared because Juliet might’ve been around but Selly killed the fear with one long kiss.

She lied in the sofa, raised her skirt and asked me to stretch my rod deep in the red sea for a miracle to happen. Without hesitation, I f—-d her once again.

Thankfully, Juliet didn’t see us. I got up, buckled my belt whereas Selly also straightened her dress for us to set off. Even on our way, we still talked about how we would f–k ourselves when we get a good time.

Soon, we got to Circle, where Daniella was. Selly called to tell her our exact location. Few minutes later, an angel appeared.

“What the f–k!”, I said loudly out of shock.

Selly asked me why I said that but I told her something far from my thoughts. I introduced myself to her as her mother’s driver. We loaded her bags in the car and went to drop Selly before going home. We didn’t talk till we got home. I helped her to carry her bags to her room.

Me: Welcome, dear.

Daniella: Thank you. When will my mum return?

Me: Oh, I’m going to her right now, we’ll be back shortly.

Daniella: The house is quiet. When you leave, I’ll be alone so let’s go together. I miss my mum.

We smiled and left together. On this trip, we had a free conversation. Miss Jane had closed when we got there, so we went back home.

At home, Miss Jane did a proper introduction. Daniella was in the university and everything on her body revealed that.

After Miss Jane’s introduction, we talked for a while. Later on, I went into my room to relax. I knew I had made a big mistake by sleeping with Miss Jane. I could’ve worked on her daughter instead.

Oh, Daniella, how I wished she wasn’t Miss Jane’s daughter. That night, during dinner, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. After I had gone to my room, Miss Jane came to tell me not to repeat that stare I gave her daughter. I denied everything she claimed and convinced me not to think that of me. That night, she gave me GHC200. I think it was a bribe for me to stay off her daughter.

The chemistry between Daniella and I was very strong at first. We could chat happily and freely when we were together. I ignored the lust in me and took her as my younger sister. All of a sudden, Daniella’s attitude towards me changed. She no longer smiled at me, talked to me nor even had dinner with me. I didn’t know I had done wrong.

One night, after Miss Jane had gone to bed, I went to her to ask what had happened between us. Guess what she told me.

Daniella was scared to tell me what the problem was but I convinced her enough till she revealed everything to me.

Daniella: Do you do drugs?

Me: Drugs? Hell no. Why do you ask?

Daniella: Tell me the truth. I want to know, why were you in jail, if you don’t do drugs?

Me: Are you alright? Who told you I was arrested? I don’t even know the way that leads to the police station.

Daniella: Liar. My mum has told me everything about you……

Episode 12

Daniella was scared to tell me what the problem was but I convinced her enough till she revealed everything to me.

Daniella: Do you do drugs?

Me: Drugs? Hell no. Why do you ask?

Daniella: Tell me the truth. I want to know, why were you in jail, if you don’t do drugs?

Me: Are you alright? Who told you I was arrested? I don’t even know the way that leads to the police station.

Daniella: Liar. My mum has told me everything about you.

Me: And what did she say? (I was very confused)

Daniella: She told me how you’re so addicted to drugs to the extent of being thrown to jail for five years.

Me: Are you crazy? Me? Drugs? I can’t even lighten a cigarette.

Daniella: So tell me, why will my mum lie against her own husband’s brother?

Me: Hun? Did your mum tell you that I’m your father’s younger brother and that I went to jail because of drugs?

Daniella: Yes, and that I should stay away from you else, you might hurt me when you get high. I couldn’t believe what Daniella was telling me. Why would her mother tell this lie about me?

I took my time and told her my story, how I met her mother in Kumasi and asked her to help me get the job. I broke everything down for her to understand. I knew Miss Jane wanted her daughter’s safety.

After knowing the truth, she apologized for not coming to me to find out. Thereafter, I went into my room. In deep thoughts, I knew Miss Jane lied to her daughter just to let her avoid my hard f–k. But why did she think that negatively?

I went to work the following day with anger in me. I didn’t speak to Miss Jane throughout the day. I listened to music for the day with earphone in my ears. With the loud volume of the earphone, I couldn’t hear anything Miss Jane said.

Daniella on the other hand was mad at her mum too. From what I saw, she didn’t talk to her for the day. During the night, I locked my door and waited to see if Miss Jane would come there.

Luckily, my trap caught her. She came to knock gently about three times but I didn’t open the door. She called me on phone but I didn’t answer. I then switched off the phone and slept.

On our way to work the following day, she asked me why I behaved that way the other night. I told her I was enjoying my quiet moments with God so I had to lock the door and off my phone too. I could see she was hurt but I wasn’t bothered, afterall, she paid me drive her car and not her p—y.

That day, after work, she gave me GHC500. I think it was a bribe too. She asked me quit my new style of not talking to her. When we got home, she asked me to accompany her somewhere. Actually, she took me to a hotel and, I guess you know what happened next.

During the night, I was in the living room watching television when Daniella came to join me. We watched movies till it was 1 a.m. I wanted to go to sleep but Daniella had relaxed her head on my laps and I didn’t want to ruin her interest. It got to a point in the movie that a girl had to kiss her boyfriend and she was shy so she did it in a fast way.

Daniella laughed and said, “This girl just can’t kiss properly. If she were to be a Ghanaian, I know she would be an Ashanti. Ashanti’s are bad kissers.”

Me: Who told you that? If it’s about worse kissers, the credit would go to Ga’s. Ashanti’s kiss better than Ga’s. It turned into a kind of a funny argument.

Just then Daniella got up and said, “Prove it. Prove the fact that Ashanti’s kiss better than us. Let me know how good an Ashanti man can kiss. I dare you to kiss me.”

What would you do if you were me, take the dare or not?

Episode 13

I ask again, what would you do if you were me?

I had taken Daniella as my younger sister, I didn’t want to take off her pants too. I sat in the sofa smiling at her but praying in my head for her mother to come and ask her to go to bed.

“Are you a coward? A simple kiss, you can’t give? Oh, my God” Daniella said teasingly to me.

As if by miracle, Juliet appeared. She went to the fridge for a glass of water. Afterwards, she came to join us in the movie. I took that chance and went to sleep in order to avoid any trouble.

Two days later, I was feeling very weak and tired when I woke in the morning. I asked Miss Jane to give me the day off and thankfully, she did.

By noon, I was feeling better. Juliet and Daniella told me they were going to the market so I was the only one at home. Coincidentally, Selly came in just after they left. Miss Jane told her I was sick so she claimed to come and check on my being. Her intentions changed when she found out I was the only person at home. I didn’t want to do the thing but I couldn’t ignore her body too. I took her to my room and gave her my all.

We were in the act, not at the peak yet, when the girls returned from wherever they went. I knew they didn’t go to the market because they came too early. I wanted to stop but Selly asked me to ignore them and continue. She seized her moans, eventhough it came once in a while till we were done. We dressed up and went out, pretending nothing had happened.

Daniella: Aunty Selly, when did you come?

Selly: Not long ago. I was told you had gone to the market.

Daniella: Oh, yes. We went there but realized we had left the money behind. We decided to come back for it but it seems we are feeling lazy to go.

Selly: Oh, Jane told me Mike is not well so I brought him some drugs.

Juliet giggled after Selly said that. I didn’t mind her though. So afterwards, I accompanied Selly out to her car. She told me she would send me some money when she got home. I came into my room and slept.

When I woke in the night, I was feeling so good. Indeed, Selly had brought me good drugs. Miss Jane came to wake me to ask of how I was doing. She left afterwards. I saw a message alert on my phone. It was that, GHC500 had been sent into my mobile money account. I called Selly to thank her for the money. I went for my food and returned to my room. My phone beeped. This time, it was a text from Daniella.

Daniella: Are you asleep?

Me: Not yet. I’m eating in my room.

Daniella: Should I come and feed you?

Me: Only if you’ll do it.

Daniella: Ok… Open the door, I’m coming.

I thought she was kidding. A minute later, she came into my room wearing a nightie. She took the food from me and started feeding me. Eih, which kind of girl koraa is this?

After I was satisfied, she insisted on massaging me. How it happened, I didn’t know. All I realized was that, my hard D–k was in her small mouth taking a gentle s–k. I had fallen and there was nothing I could do. I took off her panty and s—-d her p—y till she groaned loudly. I f—-d her and I knew that was what she wanted all the while.

When we were done, she left to her room leaving me with regrets. I was waiting for Miss Jane just like I do every morning, then Juliet came to call me outside. She stood before me with an odd face.

Me: Is there any problem?

Juliet: So because I’m an ordinary maid, you don’t find me attractive, right?

Episode 14

When we were done, she left to her room leaving me with regrets. I was waiting for Miss Jane just like I do every morning, then Juliet came to call me outside. She stood before me with an odd face.

Me: Is there any problem?

Juliet: So because I’m an ordinary maid, you don’t find me attractive, right?

Me: What do you mean, I don’t get you.

Juliet: I’m a woman, just like those you’ve been f—–g under my nose. Why dont you want to try me too? I can do better than them.

Me: I’m still confused. What are you talking about?

Juliet: Stop pretending. I’m talking of Miss Jane, Selly and Daniella. How can you f–k them leaving me behind? Is it because I’m just a maid? Dont pretend and act like it’s not true else I’m going to curse you at this minute.

Hun? Curse me for what? The mention of the word “curse”, frightened me but I stood on my grounds to prove my innocence.

Me: Don’t you have respect for Miss Jane? Don’t you know she’s married?

Juliet: That is a reason why you had to avoid her.

Me: You know what, I don’t know anything about what you’re saying. I’ve never slept with any of them.

Juliet: Wait, I thought I was making it simple but it seems your mind is made up. You won’t give in, right? Alright. I’m going to tell Miss Jane that you’ve been f—–g her together with Selly and her only daughter. If you deny in her face, I swear by my father’s grave, I will curse your whole generation. You’ll know no peace in your life, you dare me.

At this point, I was scared. She had sworn by her dead father and such things were deadly.

Me: How did you know this?

Juliet: I’ve been monitoring your movements since the day you came here. I don’t trust guys with six-packs, a reason I knew you would be rough. Remember the night Daniella asked you to kiss her? I came there in order for you to stop. Mister, I know everything, just play along.

Me: So what do you want from me to stop this blackmail?

Juliet: This is exactly what I want to hear. Listen good, it’s simple. Everyday at 2 a.m, I’ll come into your room and sleep in your arms. You’ll make love to me everytime I need it, even if everyday.

Me: Are you mad? Do you want to kill me? Do you know I can get you arrested for this blackmail?

Juliet: You’re one funny being. Arrest? Well, I can get you dead within an hour. Imagine the mess your life will be in if I tell Miss Jane this little secret we’re keeping.

Me: Give me time to think about this.

Juliet: We are starting tonight. Deal or no deal? (she held my cheeks) I’ve been waiting for a day to have you between my thighs and now the opportunity has come, you want me to let go? No way! I can give you not less than 17 s-x positions at a bed. I thought you would for once, ask me voluntarily but you didn’t. My darling, I will satisfy you very well. You’ll just love my blow job.

“Mikey…” Miss Jane called me from the living room. I left Juliet behind the car and went to Miss Jane.

“What were you doing outside?” she asked.

MJ: I need you to deliver this to Selly and return as soon as possible. I have many activities today so please hurry up.

She handed me a brown envelope. I went to the car and as I was about entering, Juliet, who was already behind the car, hit me on my buttocks.

“Safe journey baby. I’ll be expecting you soon.” she said.

I felt like she was teasing me. I drove to Selly. She was still in bed when I got there. I went to her bedroom to wake her and gave her the envelope.

Selly: Will you mind joining me in bed? You look tired.

Me: Not today. I’ve got some errands to run for Miss Jane. I’ll pass by when I’m not busy.

Selly: You don’t look happy, what is the matter?

Me: Nothing, I’m fine.

Selly: Are you sure? Do you need some drugs like I gave you yesterday?

Me: Oh, no. I’ve not finished taking what you brought yesterday. I’ll come for more when I’m done taking them. I need to go now.

She put her hands under her pillow and brought out GHC50.

Selly: Use this to buy credit. Find time to come tomorrow.

Me: Please, let me ask. What do you do to have this much money?

Selly: Are you scared of my riches? Well, I own a sachet water producing company and a restaurant. I have shares in three other companies. My ex-husband sends me pounds every month. So you see, I’m as clean as you see. I’m not a ritualist, if you must know.

Me: Alright. Bye for now.

I kissed her and left.

I hurried home to pick Miss Jane. The day was boring on my side. I kept thinking about what would happen when Miss Jane finds out the hidden truth. She might ask these heavy built men she had as workers to beat me to death. I wouldn’t get money anymore, I would lose my job forever. Well, I would play along with Juliet. Afterall, I wouldnt f–k her everyday.

The day closed, I came home very tired. I took my dinner and went into my room, expecting Juliet at midnight. I didn’t see Daniella on that day. At exactly 2 a.m, I received a text on my phone.

“I’m coming now” from Juliet.

Truly and truly, she came for her share of my hardcore f–k. I had a tough time with her, she was one professional s-x b—h. Of all the ladies, she was the craziest. She even made me c-m in her face. What a w—e!

At 4 a.m, she left to her room and promised to come later, same time on the following day. Oh my God. I needed strength to complete this huge task……

To be continued

Episode 15(Final Episode)

“I’m coming now” from Juliet. Truly and truly, she came for her share of my hardcore f–k. I had a tough time with her; she was one professional s-x b—h. Of all the ladies, she was the craziest. She even made me c-m in her face. What a w—e!

At 4 am, she left to her room and promised to come later, same time on the following day. Oh my God. I needed strength to complete this huge task.

I slept in the car for the rest of the day. I was very tired from my game with Juliet. When we closed from work, Miss Jane asked me to drive her to the hospital. We spent about an hour there.

Afterwards, we came home. That night, Miss Jane came to tell me she was pregnant for me. I was very shocked I thought she was old enough not to get pregnant. How was the baby going to look like? What would Daniella and Selly do when they find out I’ve impregnated Miss Jane. Well, it seemed Miss Jane herself didn’t want to bear the shame of unfaithfulness. She told me she had asked the doctor to abort it for her so I shouldn’t worry about anything. Above this, we still had s-x that night.

What the hell! Miss Jane wanted to sleep in my room till morning but I begged her to go, remembering that Juliet would come at 2 o’clock. She did go but it was after a tough plea.

At 2 o’clock, Juliet came. In fact, my penis couldn’t even erect but she forced it and did everything to get it on. Juliet was a w—e, more than it. She swallowed my semen just as in those p–n movies.

At 4 o’clock, she left and promised to come the next day. I knew I wouldn’t live long if I continued staying with these four women. I had to think fast.

The next day, my mind was so occupied. I thought of what to do in order to be free from this s-x life I had my own life to live. The money I had on me was GHC4,350. It was enough to go away with and start a new life.

After work, I took Miss Jane to the hospital for her abortion. I waited outside, behind the car. About 5 minutes behind the car, somebody knocked me on my head. I raised my head and saw Angela. Hun? Angela? “What are you doing here?” I asked her.

She told me she had delivered a baby boy three days before. She had gone to get some items only to find me standing there. She asked me why I ran away, leaving her in pain. It wasn’t my fault.

What was I supposed to do after her father threatened to deal with me? I told her all that happened. She forgave me and asked me to go and see my son, who was with her mother at the hospital.

Guys, the boy was exactly my photocopy. I took her number and told them I would come and perform every rite and take Angela as my wife. I was very happy. She was happy too, getting to know I had a car to drive.

Miss Jane came, done with her abortion and asked me to take her home. She gave me one car to use as my own because I had been a good person. I couldn’t even sleep well, I was so happy. Juliet came at the usual time, took her share of and left. Immediately she left, I packed some few things, loaded them in my car and went to sleep.

In the morning, I asked Miss Jane to allow me to visit my sick mother. She permitted me at last. I didn’t take anything in her face because I had already packed them in the boot of my car. I left Accra that morning with the intention of not going back.

Off, I came to Kumasi. I went to Joe and asked him to accompany me to my landlord and ask for forgiveness. We went there, talked things over with him and arranged a date to come with my people to seek her daughter’s hand in marriage. He gave me a new room voluntarily, for me to stay there till I get my own apartment. I sold my car and added the money to what I had to open a supermarket.

Luckily, everything went well. I started employing people and enjoyed my profits. Within four months, I had built my own apartment. I married Angela and lived happily with her. As at now, I own a fuel station in addition to my supermarket and I’m not thinking of ever going to Accra. I’m comfortable with my family and my living.

If I meet any of them (Miss Jane, Selly and Daniella) accidentally on any day, I’ll pretend I’m not the one. Except maybe Juliet who might want to curse me. So guys, I need a perfect title for my story. Should it be “s-x for free”, because I had s-x freely or “s-x four free”, because I had s-x with four people freely? You’re the one to tell.

One lesson you can also take from my life story is that, whatever you are doing, do it well and you will have your reward according to the way you did it. I was a hard working person and took everything serious to get what I wanted.

However, I was lucky enough to have escaped the shame and troubles I almost created for myself. You might not be lucky like me, so please be smart in the best and more acceptable way. Don’t dwell in the evil just because you’re enjoying it because your consequences await you. All the bad things you’ve been doing secretly and thinking you can hide them forever run from it now!

Don’t wait for the trouble. For the Bible says in 1 John 2:17, “For the pleasures of the world shall pass away, but whoever does the will of God lives forever.”

Thank you for your time.

——-THE END———

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