[Gist] Don’t Worry, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are Still Together


Before you grab your pitchforks and run over to A$AP Rocky’s house because you just heard the rumors he cheated of Rihanna, take a breath, because we have some good news for you—they aren’t true. After one fashion influencer decided to stir the pot on Twitter and share unsubstantiated claims the pair split, TMZ is reporting what we always knew in the back of our mind, that none of it happened—the cheating, the break up—and Rihanna and Rocky are still very much together.

Rumors of Rihanna and Rocky’s split began circulating around fashion Twitter earlier this week, but no one paid them much mind given the release of Rihanna’s Vogue cover was keeping everyone distracted. Then, on Thursday night, someone (who shan’t be named so as to not give them anymore attention they don’t deserve) with almost 44,000 followers on Twitter, posted the split claim, saying Rocky cheated on Rihanna with shoe designer Amina Muaddi.

Right away, there were gaps in the argument. First off, Muaddi has a history with Rihanna, as she designed the shoes for Fenty back in 2020. Since then, Rihanna has be seen wearing Muaddi’s designs multiple times, most recently on Tuesday night. According to the rumor, Rihanna and Rocky split on the 1st. Despite that, they were together on the 6th. Plus, Muaddi posted Rihanna in her shoes on her Instagram account just days ago. It would be odd if Rihanna wore the shoes of “the other woman” who played a part in breaking up her relationship not two weeks after everything went down. Rihanna has a lot of shoes, she would have picked another pair.

On Thursday, TMZ joined the conversation, saying a source “who has regular interaction with” Rihanna and Rocky said the rumors are "100% false on both counts," emphasizing they’re “1 million percent not true” and that Rihanna and Rocky are “fine.”

Of course, at this point, the story has already sped out of control. Rocky is trending on Twitter, Muaddi’s Instagram is filled with hateful comments, and the Drake jokes are rolling in. The damage is done, but hopefully the expecting parents are able to ignore all the noise and move on from this madness.

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