Earn with BX66


The Prerequisite to participate in this class includes;

¶ A good phone
¶ A ready mind

Get BX66 app downloaded ahead of the day 

Then register with referral code: 7HPQEB


Click on this link to register via your browser: https://www.bs66.net/mobile/black/registeryq.html?code=7HPQEB

This is the transaction cycle

Funding Your BX66 app

From Your Bank Acct ➡️ Crypto app ➡️ BX66 app

Withdrawing from Your BX66 app 

From BX66 app ➡️ Crypto app ➡️ Your Bank account.

You can now see the role of Crypto app in the cycle... So if you have anyone installed before good luck to you and that will be added advantage

But I strongly recommend Binance  https://accounts.binance.me/en/register?ref=208345725

Bx66 is coined from Black stone company who sees to investment opportunities on behalf of it's clients

The company is in partnership with a Bitcoin dealer company in the UK. It's a UK based entity being incorporated and issued certificate of operation in the UK.

Their aims;

To let more people get to know and trade Bitcoin easily to keep it's volatility.

To create a source of living for its interested members.

To get large network to come in contact and get familiarized with their designed exchange.

The trading system is not the same with the Long and Short that you know. Different pairs with different outcomed are traded here. The outcome could be Big,Small, Big pair,Small order etc. If the estimated outcome you trade with correlate with the result then you win your trade and make profit

Due to difficulty in trading on this exchange, they advice everyone not to trade alone but to follow the analyst instructions as this will save its members from loss and bring the estimated daily profit.

If you try to trade on your own, your account can be suspended for some hours as the company hates its members losing funds.

If you want to trade yourself,use other exchanges not Bx66 platform

Their return from this opportunity: On each trade gas fee is deducted.

On withdrawal charges are imposed like every other exchange but at a lower rate.

I said they are in partnership with a Bitcoin company in the UK for sure they get payed for their service.

As well, they trade the market with us and this is why we win when they win. We loose if they loose. And the company is trading with a huge amount of funds

The trading system:

Regardless of the amount your capital is,it will be apportioned into 7stages. Eg. For $30 your apportionment will be:








If you add them all you should have $30 in total.

This is designed so as to make provision for any loss incurred during the trading session before hitting the 5% profit. A scenerio:

If we are starting a trade now and the analyst instructed us to enter BIG, we click on big and enter the first amount $0.15.

Nevertheless, each trade is Carried out within the 5mins time frame. At the end of the first round i.e first five minutes starting the session, if the outcome tends to be SMALL, it mean we loose the trade.

We are not done yet,5% is yet to be made. Then we start enter another immediately at the start of the next countdown following the analyst instruction. If he instructed us to enter BIG then we click on BIG again inputting the second amount on the table i.e $0.30 then we await the end of the countdown,if at the end the result shows SMALL again, we loose that trade.

Now to the third round, The analyst may instruct us to still enter BIG,that's not your concern you should just follow the instructions and be calm. Enter the BIG using the third amount $0.75 and wait for the result as well.At the end of the countdown if the result still shows SMALL,we loose again

I know you have question like, what if we get to the last round and still loose what will happen?

Okay,the round with the last amount is risky also the return is the highest. At times i pray we get to the seventh amount before we end the session.

Since i have joined the platform for over a month now, we have never loosed it all. Once we get to the last amount on the table, by now we won't have anything in our wallet again but be rest assured that it's gonna be a win with hooger profit

For the fourth round the analyst may still instruct us to enter BIG,just enter the BIG with the fourth amount, if at the end of this, the result shows BIG then we win the trade. Note that's not the end, at this round 5% is yet to be made. You just have to calm and follow instructions.

Now for the next countdown, the analyst may instruct SMALL we click on SMALL and enter the first amount $0.15 because we win the last trade Summary:anytime we win we keep using the first amount, but if we loose we use the next amount til we get to the last amount.

 Why apportioning the capital?

The capital is apportioned to be able to cover for loss made in a round before the 5% is gotten so you have nothing to panic on. And the analyst promised to refund everyone if at the end of the last amount, we loose which has never happened before, we have always won the trade. Though this refund if such happens, will be made to those that follow the analyst instructions strictly. If greed catches you and you loose your funds no one will refund you. If you enter wrong amount or wrong trade no one will refund you. If your network isn't stable and you loose no refund.

What you need to enjoy this too: Your capital (min of $30).

A good phone with good network coverage.

Total concentration during the session.

Following the analyst instructions strictly. And max of 2hrs around the evening period


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