Artificial Intelligence Chip: The Heart of Machine Learning!


Artificial intelligence (AI) chips are specialized silicon chips, which incorporate AI technology and are used for machine learning. AI helps to eliminate or minimize the risk to human life in many industry verticals. The need for more efficient systems to solve mathematical and computational problems is becoming crucial owing to the increase in volume of the data. Thus, the majority of the key players in the IT industry have focused on developing AI chips and applications.

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AI Chips: Why is it Growing?

1. Increase in demand for smarthomes & #smartcities
2. Rise in investments in AI startups
3. Emergence of quantum computing
4. Increased adoption of AI chips in the developing regions
5. Development of smarter robots

AI Chips: Creates Opportunities for skilled workforce

AI consists of complex algorithms for its development. In addition, management of AI and automated systems is difficult at times. This requires exceptional software engineering skills and a notable experience in dealing with distributed and concurrent #programming or debugging with communication protocols.

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