How to watch Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max this Christmas


We're just days away from the release of Wonder Woman 1984, starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine, and it can't come soon enough. After the year we've just had, the ability to stream this hotly anticipated DC Universe movie in our own homes is the perfect tonic for these unprecedented times.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be available for HBO Max ($15 at HBO Max) subscribers to watch at no extra charge on Dec. 25, the same day it opens on the big screen in theaters in the US and Canada. And it isn't the only blockbuster you can unwrap on Christmas Day: Pixar's Soul streams on Disney Plus on Dec. 25 too. 

How to watch Wonder Woman 1984 from home

If you subscribe to HBO Max

Wonder Woman 1984 is a pleasant holiday gift for HBO Max subscribers, especially because it won't cost them extra on top of their monthly or annual subscription fee. Right now, HBO Max costs $14.99 a month. When Disney's live-action Mulan came to Disney Plus in September, even subscribers had to pony up an extra $30 for Mulan (until Dec. 4, when it becomes free for all subscribers). Wonder Woman won't have that extra charge. Just tune in to HBO Max as you normally would beginning on Dec. 25 and the action will unfold.


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HBO Max is currently doing a deal

If you don't currently subscribe to the streaming service, HBO Max is currently doing a deal. Sign on for six months and you'll get a 22% discount at $70. Not bad.

If you have HBO you could get HBO Max for free

Depending on which provider HBO you could potentially get HBO Max for free. It's pretty complicated, but we have all the information you need to figure things out here.

Roku users now have access to HBO Max

Just recently it was announced that Roku has struck a deal which allows its subscribers access to HBO Max. Roku users who already use the HBO app will automatically update to to HBO Max. You can find more information here.

If you're not a subscriber

If you want to see Wonder Woman 1984 and don't currently pay for HBO Max, you might consider signing up. We have a lengthy explainer on the service, which has a fat library of other movies and programs you could check out, including Lovecraft Country, Rick and Morty, the Studio Ghibli movies and more. But on Dec. 3, HBO Max announced it would no longer offer a free one-week trial -- and you know that's to stop Wonder Woman fans from getting the movie for free, then canceling the service. Still, you could sign up and cancel after paying for a month if you realize you won't watch the service enough to make it worthwhile.

On Dec. 1, director Patty Jenkins tweeted that Wonder Woman 1984 will be the first film on HBO Max available in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Not quite sure what that means for you? We break it down here, but essentially, if you have the right device, you'll be able to watch the film in better resolution and, in the case of Dolby Atmos, better sound.

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