You Can Now Jailbreak Any iPhone Running iOS 13.5

The unc0ver team has officially released the very first jailbreak targeting iOS 13.5, which means that right now, you can unlock even the most recent version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

The unc0ver 5.0 jailbreak pack comes only a few days after Apple itself shipped iOS 13.5 to supported devices. The team that developed the jailbreak originally teased it only a few hours after Apple pushed the go-ahead button for iOS 13.5.

So here’s what you need to know about unc0ver 5.0.

First and foremost, it can be used on iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux, but if you want to do the whole thing on an iPhone, you need to first unlock the device with a different jailbreak method.

As far as Windows users are concerned, this jailbreak involves downloading the Win32 version of iTunes and then following a few steps that are fully detailed by the research team.

Extensively tested jailbreak
unc0ver 5.0 works on all iOS version between 11.0 and 13.5, but without a doubt, the highlight of this release is the support for the most recent update of Apple’s mobile operating system.

And the jailbreak has also been tested on the majority of iPhones out there, both old and new, so everything should be working flawlessly when trying to use unc0ver to unlock Apple’s smartphone. For example, all new-generation iPhones are fully supported by this jailbreak, but you can also unlock the iPhone 8 and even the iPhone 7, even if they’re already running iOS 13.5.

Without a doubt, Apple can’t be happy about this jailbreak tool that launched so fast after its latest update, so there’s a chance the company tries to block it in the next iOS release. Until that happens, however, lots of iPhone owners are likely to give unc0ver a try, especially given the benefits of jailbreaking in the first place.

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