Justin Bieber Wishes He’d Saved Himself For Marriage Because Sex ‘Can Be Kind Of Confusing’

Justin Bieber has opened up about the things he would change in his life if he could, saying he wishes he’d abstained from sex until marriage.

The revelation emerged on he and his wife Hailey Baldwin’s short reality TV show, The Biebers, which they launched last week to give fans an insight into their lives during isolation.

As part of the series, the couple gave their fans the opportunity to ask them anything they wanted in their latest episode, leading somebody to ask: ‘Would you ever change anything if you could go back in time?’

The 58-minute video, posted to Facebook Watch on Friday, May 15, is the sixth so far of the series, and saw Justin and Hailey sitting next to each other in their home and answering each question posed to them.

But it was one question – or more specifically the answer given in response to it – that peaked peoples’ interest. That’s because 26-year-old Justin said that, while he didn’t have any regrets ‘because it makes you how you are and you learn from things’, he would save himself for marriage if he could go back in time.

He said:

If I could go back and not have to face some of the bad hurt that I went through… yeah, I probably would’ve saved myself for marriage.

Talking to the camera alongside his wife Hailey, the Love Yourself singer said his revelation ‘probably sounds crazy’ to those listening.

Prefacing his explanation with the disclaimer, ‘I don’t think it’s too much information, I think it’s helpful,’ he continued: ‘Sex can be kind of confusing when you’re just kind of being sexually active with anybody.’

As Hailey nodded along and said, ‘Yeah,’ Justin laughed before saying, ‘We went there’. Hailey agreed, laughing along with him before he said: ‘It’s just true, I mean I would have probably saved myself for marriage.’

Despite nodding along in agreement with her husband, the 23-year-old model explained that she felt differently, adding: ‘I don’t know if I’d say the same, but we had different experiences with like… everything. Different journeys.’

She did say she understood where Justin was coming from with his statement about sex being confusing though, saying: ‘But I do agree with the fact that being physical with someone can make things more confusing.’

There will be 12 episodes of The Biebers in total, with the remaining episodes featuring more discussions between the couple as well as with their friends and family.

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