Nigerian military, film corporation release anti-insurgency film

As part of projects to mark this year’s Armed Forces Day, Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) and the Defence Headquarters have released “Soja”, a feature film, which chronicles Nigerian military’s gallant fight against insurgency in the North-east.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the co-production was the first project under an MoU recently signed by the two organisations to produce films that would showcase the operations of the Nigerian military.

The film released on Wednesday is produced by Explorer Studio, directed by ace filmmaker Peter Fada, and features veteran Nollywood actors, Segun Arinze, Ani Iyoho, Victor Emueje and Udeme Bassey among its cast.

The plot of ‘Soja’ follows a successful operation to rescue some schoolgirls from the hands of a terrorist group by a special unit of the Nigeria Armed Forces, led by a gallant officer, Sgt. Tanko (Ani Iyoho).

Sgt. Tanko and his men get ambushed in a jungle that is better known to the terrorist and only Sgt. Tanko survives along with the rescued girls after their vehicle was hit by an ‘RPG’ – a Rocket Propelled Grenade.

As the terrorists later discovered that there are survivors, Sgt. Tanko has to protect the girls from the attack of the terrorists in the jungle.

The chance of survival becomes very slim for him and the only way to keep the girls alive is to pay the ‘ultimate price.’

It’s director, Peter Fada, told NAN that the story was inspired by the life and time of a Lt. Colonel, Mohammed Abu-Ali, who died in the battle against Boko Haram terrorists in the North-east.

“Abu-Ali paid the ultimate price in defence of his men and love for the fatherland, and that inspired this story.”

“Nigerians need to know and appreciate the sacrifices the Armed Forces make in ensuring that we have peace in our nation,” Mr Fada said.

The agreement signed at the Defence Headquarters in Abuja, was for collaboration to present a platform where activities of the military in defence of fatherland would henceforth be showcased through the motion picture.

“The department of Civil-Military Cooperation is all about interface between civilians and the military so that the civilians will understand what we are doing.

“Being military documentaries and films, the military will supply the equipment and logistics they will require, while the filmmakers provide the expertise,” Ngalabak said.

The annual Armed Forces Remembrance Week is to honour gallant members of the Nigerian Armed Forces, who paid the ultimate price in the defence of their fatherland.

It is also meant to generate funds via donations for the welfare of dependants of those who have suffered various setbacks as a result of their participation in wars.

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