[HOT] Gist - The real truth about AWO Hall explosion from general room uch Ibadan

BOOM! and so it went. Iyanu’s Bio-gas stove. After all of the campaigns on Bio-gas being safe. Alas, it is only safe until it is not. ‘Iyanu in Civil’, which is all we know about her at the moment is a 500L student of the Department of Civil Engineering (Oh well). She suffered second degree burns earlier this morning in her room in Awo Hall.

Let’s call Gbenga. beep… beep… beep. Let’s try Gbenga again. beep… beep… The number you’re calling is busy, please try again later. Gbenga’s phone is probably too hot to be picked right now from all the calls he’s been getting. Gbenga is Iyanu’s best friend/bodyguard, an assumption I’m making given how much time they spend together/how imposing he is, physically. He’s with her right now in UCH, where she was transferred from Jaja Clinic. Apparently Jaja doesn’t have a Burns Unit (But really, what do they have? 😟)

“Everything is now settled” Everything is not settled, she is presently in UCH and as if that is not enough, there are rumors of SDC being involved.

“The girl is fine” The girl is not fine! She suffered second degree burns on her arm! Second-degree burns, or partial thickness burns, are more severe than first-degree burns. They affect the outer layer of skin, called the epidermis, and part of the second layer of skin, called the dermis. Second-degree burns can be very painful and often take several weeks to heal. Burns that affect large areas of skin can cause serious complications and may be prone to infection, according to medicalnewstoday.com

“It was a room explosion” You sef think am🙄

Now, there is no clear information on how it happened or why, but that shouldn’t be the story going around right now. We all should be very worried about Iyanu’s health. According to a reliable source, she is fine now and she’s already in the recovery phase. But exams are approaching and I’m sure they won’t wait for Iyanu. This writer has known Iyanu since 200L; she comes across as a very bright young lady. You could almost know what’s on her mind from her face. She is such a happy child. What will come of Iyanu after this tragic experience may depend largely on how the public respond to her crisis. Don’t you get it? Even when she’s better and out of the hospital, she may still have to face the Students Disciplinary Committee. She could risk a whole lot that she’s worked for the last 4+x years (x for strike). If what you’re talking about is how she’s wrong or how she brought this upon herself then you’re not only a hypocrite, you’re also wrong. Almost anyone in Awo Hall could be Iyanu. Let us stop casting stones and begin to support Iyanu in gifts, visits and prayers. That is what she needs from us right now. Iyanu, fragile as she looks, has just gone through a gruesome experience. Be human, love Iyanu.

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