[TRENDING] Fans Reactions to Naira Marley’s Soapy Dance

Hi fans, below are some fans reactions to Naira Marley’s soapy dance!! Watch the dance below in case you’ve not seen it, yet.

Daniel Adeniyi: It’s because of songs like soapy and it’s stupid disgusting dance by Naira Marley, I’ve vowed to use my resources to developing a strong Christian Entertaining platform that will garner a new era of clean yet entertaining music content.
Enough of these men with reprobate minds feeding our next generation with such immoral songs and dance that visibly depicts s3x act and masturbation.
Enough!!!!!. Enough!!!!

Tms Bell: Soapy…a concept promoting masturbation and some parents are encouraging their wards to Learn the dance. The devil is subtle in all his ways.

Kliss Savage: Naira marley is a fool, Naira marley songs are trash, Naira Marley’s SOAPY is noñsense, Is he trying to encourage masturbating, Same people when his songs comes up:

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