Animals are trying to communicate with us !

What if we could actually understand the animals around us? What insights could we get from these creatures who experience the world in entirely different ways than we do? Let’s see how close we are to communicating with them!

With advances in technology, scientists are discovering that animals have a lot more to say to us than we’ve thought in the past! By recording the sounds that dolphins and rats make while observing their behavior, we’re beginning to learn more about their languages and how they communicate both among each other and with us.

If you’ve ever looked at an animal and thought, “I wonder what they’re thinking?” then you’re going to enjoy this. They may have been telling you the answer in their own way this entire time.

What if you could talk to a dolphin?
No… really, what if you could talk to a dolphin?
This notoriously intelligent species has been the focus for many of our experiments with consciousness and seeing if animals have the capability to “think like humans” (we’ll get back to that idea later). And now, researchers have found that they’ve been able to pick up on what we’re communicating and have been responding back… we’ve just been lacking the abilities to hear them!

Take a look at the device and the techniques scientists, like renowned wild dolphin researcher Denise Herzing, are using to get some insight into how these magnificent creatures function in their own societies in this great video brought to us by Quartz.

They’ve made some absolutely brilliant discoveries!

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