Episode 3.

The brushing of her knees against the rug will definitely cause a burn on her knee but that’s a discussion for another day, Lanray’s d*ck was making more sense this instant. Feeling like he wasn’t getting any of the action, held her waist up with his big strong hands, hitting it from underneath
her. She was very impressed with the athleticism he was displaying, his waist
continued pumping up into her p***y, the big d*ck is awesome once you get used to it, she told herself. He made her get up, kneel down with her
ass facing him, her chest on the soft cushion of her couch. He began to pummel into her from behind, it was like a machine, the sweat started pouring in, the excitement, doubled, tripled, the d*ck was hitting more than the right spot, she kept cumming. She began wailing, laughing and screaming, all three in no particular order, tears streaming down her face. The d*ck was
fucking on point, ‘Baby! Don’t stop’ She can’t remember when the mechanic
Lanray became baby but it was definitely the good d*ck in effect.
‘F*k that p**y like you own it’ Mide was on another level, the d*ck was
making her speak in different kinds of tongue, Lanray was a lot stronger, he kept pummelling her with strength, zeal and vigour, consistent hard strokes, pinning her down by the hips. Lanray was punishing her for all those times she gave him hard-ons when she came to service her car. His grunt as he was about to cum was something from Animal Planet station, he pushed it in the longest it could go, dumped a load of semen into her, she screamed as he screamed because that last thrust seemed like she got a small tear from that. He collapsed onto the rug, completely drenched with her body fluid all over his d*ck, she clinged unto him, plugged his dick into her p***y, sleeping off in the
process. Tomorrow, she will worry about why she f**ked her mechanic, when the mechanic became baby and most importantly, if she will be having a child for her mechanic. All she wants right now is the d*ck inside her p***y.

                THE END,

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