SEX WITH THE MECHANIC Episode 2.(story)

Episode 2.

‘Come drive, make we dey go my house
abeg, I no dey talk, I wan sleep’ Mide said
Lanray zoomed off, as they sped the rest of
the way to Magodo, Mide’s house.
Mide opened the door, went straight into
her bedroom leaving Lanray in the living
room. She took a while, to take off the
dress, yank off her everything, go in for a
small bath, the hot water couldn’t wash
away the grind from her body, the body still
wanted to feel more, riding a hard d*ck
wouldn’t be a bad idea. Something hard
and long that can make her cum as many
times as possible, that would crown the
night decently.
She came out of the bathroom, put on a
jalabia with absolutely nothing underneath,
her nipples rubbing softly against the
material of the gown, her p***y feeling
slightly wet, she couldn’t shake off the
As she entered the living room to give
Lanray a pillow and soft material to cover
himself with, she found him boxer alone,
snoring away on her couch, with the boxer
not able to adequately house his d*ck, the
tip of the d*ck peeping out of the short,
looking closely the d*ck seem to be semi-
She sat opposite him, pulled up the flowing
garment up to her belly, spread her leg
wide, rubbing her p***y softly, as she
looked at the d*ck, imagining riding it,
masturbating at the sight of Lanray’s large
dick. She separated the p***y with 2
fingers, put saliva on her fingers and
rubbed it over cl*toris, gently, the feeling
was it, she took a long breathe as the sweet
feeling invaded her brain, she went a bit
further, head backwards, 2 fingers into her
p***y, probing deep but not deep enough
to satisfy her urge, no need for a dildo since
a live one was here.
Lanray was still asleep, snoring like no
man’s business, his d*ck seemed to get
bigger and bigger, he was probably having
a wet dream. She mustered enough
courage, knelt infront of him, caressed the
d*ck softly brushing her hand against the
tip of the d*ck, like someone pampering a
dog, marvelling at the share size of his
She held it around the centre, tried to make
it stand straight, the boxer kept
interrupting the movement, she laid it back
and dragged the top of the short down to
free the d*ck. She had a feeling Lanray was
awake now but he was enjoying it way too
much, so she continued.
The p***y rub got her thoroughly wet, she
squatted infront of his thigh, holding the
d*ck at its base, as she lowered her p***y
into the dick, looked like the penetration
took forever, as the d*ck found its way into
the inner trenches of her p***y, she
continued to take deep breathes until she
felt the d*ck hit that spot, then she let go.
The thrust started slowly, as p***y was
trying to get used to this monstrosity in
Lanray’s inner thighs. Lanray stretched his
leg further, as she continued to pick up
pace, slowly moans began to escape from
Mide’s mouth. Lanray opened his eyes, to
see Mide riding his d*ck not so conveniently
while her eyes were almost shut, he
adjusted a bit as he bent forward a bit have
a feel for those boobs that always stared
back at him in her famous open chested
He adjusted and she stood up, and slept on
the soft rug, held out his hands, she
straddled him in the middle, with more
space to play with, as she settled in
comfortably on the d*ck, he pushed up the
garment, Mide took it off completely. Finally
staring at him is the evenly toned big boobs
with cute nipples. He covered his hand with
her boobs as she shifted back and forth on
the d*ck, the feeling for her was to die for
at the present minute.

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